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Top 5 Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning

Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning

[toc]There must be hardly a person who does not know about the sun poisoning or not aware of its causes and symptoms. There are a number of products available in the market in order to cure all types of sun poisoning like the sun infection, sun burn etc. Such commercial products often cause some side effects as contains chemical compounds. But using home remedies are really great.

5 Useful Home Remedies For Sun Poisoning

Having Fresh Juice On A Regular Basis

Vitamin C Fruits Reduce Gum Disease

Juice helps a lot to fight against sun poisoning and aloe Vera is the best option to have the juice or extract. Because of the sun poisoning the skin might get red, swollen, allergies and so on and so forth.

Someone suffering from such skin problem due to sun poisoning should apply the aloe Vera extract on the affected area whenever needed or wish to. Cold compresses also works very well in these situations and stops the inflammation from increasing.

Use Potatoes

Potatoes Reduce Sun Poisoning

A huge group of people all over the world are very much fond of potatoes as a home remedy of sun poisoning. The potato extract has been proven highly effective on the areas affected by the ultra violate rays of the sun.

The application of the potato is very easy and time saving too. One just needs to grate a potato and take out fresh extract from it. Then he needs to apply the extracts on the affected areas. It is very much affective for the skin tan caused by the sun. For many people sunburn is a big issue since it affects the skin a lot and takes a lot of time to alleviate.

For those people potato extract is an ideal solution indeed. Regular use of the extract can really bring in significant result. But it is suggested to use fresh potatoes and not to use grated potatoes that are kept for long time.

Using Honey And Fruits


There are some fruits along with honey that are considered as the most remedy of a lot of health issue both external and internal. Honey is suggested to all those who seek for natural treatment for their skin.

If a proper mixture of honey, egg and hazel applied on the affected areas it really works excellent. At the same time one can use fruits like cucumber on the areas affected by the sun poisoning. In fact other than these two more things, milk and vinegar have been fund making wonders while applied to heal sun poisoning.

Keeping The Face Wet For Long

Keep The Face Wet For Long

A very good way to heal the sun burn problem as well as the problem of swelling is to keeping the face wet. One can use a wet towel several times a day on the face. At the same time using cool water on it also helps a lot.

Warm Shower

Warm Shower For Sun Poisoning

Yet sounds strange but warm shower helps a lot to overcome problem of sun poisoning since due to a warm shower the blood circulation of the body improves leading to solve the problem.

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