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Top 5 Natural Cures For Bags Under Eyes

Cures For Bags Under Eyes

[toc]Bags under eyes are commonly caused due to the factor of ageing. It is because of the loosening of the muscles that support the eye lids. Apart from age, this may also occur in young people, when they are under severe stress or anxiety, ignoring sleep.

Alcohol and smoking are the other factors which seem to cause these kind of consequences. It may first be swollen and puffy, and in course of time it may form bags under the eyes. As it is related to the connective tissues, you have to take make efforts to strengthen the tissues first.

5 Natural Cures For Bags Under Eyes

Egg White For Improved Blood Circulation

Egg White For Bags Under Eyes

The bags may be formed due to the loosening of muscles, as a result of which blood circulation to that part of the skin may be inhibited. This could be overcome with the help of white part in egg.

You can separate the white part and apply it below the eyes and leave for a while. After it dries up, you can apply another coating and leave it for some more time. You can then wash it off with cold water.

Tea To Remove Liquid

Tea For Bags Under Eyes

There may be liquid accumulation on the bags formed under the eyes. This has to be removed to treat the problem. Tea bags come in handy in these cases. You can heat the tea bag and allow it to cool before placing it below the eyes. It is found to absorb the liquid and helps in leveling of the skin. This will also help in relaxing the muscles and relax the nerves too.

Cucumber For Relaxation

Cucumber For Bags Under Eyes

Cucumber is a highly relaxing and cooling element, which can be used to treat a number of skin problems. Even if you do not have any problem, you can regularly use cucumber for relaxation.

You can cut it into circular pieces and place in on the eyes and leave it for some time. You will feel highly relaxed and it will also help in removing formation of bags or dark circles under the eyes.

Potato For Skin Tightening

Potato For Bags Under Eyes

Potato is rich is starch and this can be used as an agent for tightening of skin. The loose skin which results in the formation of bag can be treated using this property of the potato.

You can juice out from raw potato and apply it below the eyes. This will become dry after some time and you can feel the skin pulled. You can then wash off, and practice this regularly till you get complete cure.

Cold Water To Avert Fluid Accumulation

Wash The Eyes Daily With Cold Water

Bags that are formed due to the accumulation of fluid can be prevented by using cold water. You can wash the eyes daily with cold water by splashing. This will help in averting the fluid accumulation and hence the formation of bags. It is a very common occurrence among aged people and you can get it treated by some simple methods from home. This may also occur due to the usage of some allergic creams, and hence it must be avoided.

Top 5 Natural Cures For Bags Under Eyes