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Top 5 Natural Cures For Blepharitis

Natural Cure To Blepharitis

[toc]Blepharitis is an infection on the eye lids, caused by the growth of bacteria. This usually affects the hair follicles on the eye lid. It may even occur because of the problem occurring in the oil glands of eye lashes. It is characterized by heavy eye lids, which are itchy and scaly too.

In severe cases, the eyes too become swollen and reddish, causing irritation. This has to be treated on time and effectively. Else, there would be a problem of recurrence. Natural cures are preferred for curing Blepharitis as they very rarely have any kind of side effects. Let us go through the top 5 natural cures of Blepharitis:

5 Natural Ways To Cures Blepharitis

Use Black Currant

Black Currant For Blepharitis

Black currant oil is proved to be one of the best nourishing oil for skin and hair. This should not be applied externally, but should be consumed for effective results. It contains some of the essential fatty acids that are necessary for the healthy growth of skin and hair.

When it is in taken regularly in small doses, it brings effective relief from the symptoms of blepharitis. Apart from eye infection, it is good for skin and hair, in general.

Try Primrose Oil

Primrose Oil For Blepharitis

Blepharitis can be treated effectively using primrose oil too. Apply the oil gently over the affected eyelids for about two times a week. After leaving it for some time, you can wipe it off with warm water, dipped in cotton balls. This helps in removing dandruff, from the affected eye lids. And, it also provides relaxation to eyes and prevents further spread of bacteria.

Intake Of Fatty Acids Helps

Fatty Acids For Blepharitis

Fatty acids, in general, are known for its properties to help in the growth of skin and hair. Especially, it helps in moisturizing your skin and brings about a glow to it. This is usually used in the preparation of soaps and other cosmetics to protect skin. This can also help in curing the symptoms of blepharitis. For that, you have to eat any supplement that is rich in fatty acid. It is also available in the form of tablets these days, which too can be in took.

Chamomile Cures

Chamomile For Blepharitis

Chamomile is also an effective curer of blepharitis, if used in the correct way. It is not recommended to consume it orally, but you can give a gentle external touch using it. This can be done by packing up chamomile in a tea bag and warming it using hot water. After a while, it should be left to cool for some time. Then, it can be applied at the affected area with a mild touch, using the tea bag. This has a cooling effect and reduces itchiness and irritation. It also helps in curing the skin by retaining moisture.

Trick Of Turmeric

Turmeric For Blepharitis

Turmeric is a very easily available item, which is effective in treating against blepharitis. It has antibacterial properties and helps in quickly recovering from the symptoms of infection. It also acts as a resistant against the recurrence of the infection. It can also be applied on the eye lids by mixing it with natural honey. While turmeric kills bacteria, honey helps in retaining moisture in the affected area. Though there are several ways in which you can cure blepharitis, it is extremely necessary to treat it at the initial stage itself. If left untreated, the infection may grow and take more time to get cured completely.

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