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Top 5 Natural Cures For Bunions

Natural Cure To Bunions

[toc]Bunion is a condition of deformity that is found in the base of the toe that features inflammation and pain, which makes it difficult to walk or move around. Wearing ill-fitting shoes, genes and injury to the big toe can lead to this condition.

However, it is impossible to cure this condition fully, but you can get good relief from the pain and swelling while also enjoying slight corrections in this condition. When you are following the natural cure for bunions, you can even walk in a better way and move around without pain.

5 Natural Cures For Bunions

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile Tea Reduce Bunions

Chamomile helps to treat bunions by shrinking it and reduces the incidence of swelling, as it possesses anti-inflammatory features. You can brew some tea using chamomile tea bags and sip it four times each day.

You can also apply the used tea bags directly over the bunions as it helps to reduce the inflammation in the affected area. You can also mix some dried chamomile with water, apply this paste over the bunions and rest well without your shoes on.

Application Of Hot Spices

Hot Spices Reduce Bunions

Applying a paste made with hot spices such as red pepper or turmeric will make the affected area to feel the heat on your bunions. These two spices are highly efficient in reducing the inflammation where the bunions are present and eliminates the pain, as it possesses compounds that can block the pain.

Aspirin Soak

Aspirin Soak Reduce Bunions

You can try to soak the affected feet in a bath mixed with aspirin to alleviate the pain from the inflamed region on the feet. To prepare this bath, crush three or four aspirin tablets and add it to a basin of warm water. Now keep your feet in this solution mixed with aspirin for some time until you feel relieved from the stinging pain.

For some people aspirin tends to cause skin irritation or allergies. Perform a patch test before proceeding to soak your feet. You can also call your doctor immediately if you feel any discomfort.

Consume Ginger Tea

Ginger Tea Reduce Bunions

Ginger is an effective natural cure for bunions as it has organic compounds called as gingerols that helps to alleviate the pain in the joints and bunions. You can prepare tea using freshly grated ginger and adding it to boiling water. You can sweeten the brew with honey after straining it.

You can also take ginger powder along with honey every day. Make sure that you take only two pinches of ginger powder every day as higher quantity would cause heartburns.

Soak With Epsom Salt

Soak With Epsom Salt For Bunions

Epsom salt is an excellent natural cure for bunions as it is popular for its ability to reduce swelling, pain and redness in the leg. You can easily grab a pack from a grocery store and mix it well in a basin of warm water. Soak your foot in this mixture until the water stays warm. Then remove your feet off the water and rinse with ordinary hot water and dry using a towel. You can try to wrap your feet using a towel to retain the heat in the feet for a few minutes.

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