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Top 5 Natural Cures For Diabetes

Natural Cures For Diabetes

[toc]Diabetes has become a common metabolic disorder, generally affecting after the age of forty years. This is a hereditarily transmitted disorder and does not have any specific treatment. This is usually caused because of under secretion of the hormone, insulin.

This will result in the increase of blood sugar level, with no insulin to digest it. Increase in blood sugar is not unacceptable for other metabolic actions taking place in the body and thus leads to a number of other physical problems.

5 Natural Cures For Diabetes


Ginger Reduce Diabetes

Ginger is commonly used in the preparation of a number of dishes. It has high medicinal values, which is often ignored. In case of diabetes, it is proven that, ginger can be used as a replacement for insulin. In patients, when the insulin level drops below a certain point, it is injected externally.

But, if take up ginger in your food, or as juice, it effectively acts as injected insulin, and reduces the blood sugar level. Thus, it acts as an effective replacement for medicine and injection.

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Fenugreek Reduce Diabetes

Fenugreek is also easily available seed and found in most of the kitchens too. But, it should be used in the way that would be effective in curing diabetes. You can soak it in water and leave it over night. In the morning, you can drink it off. This will help in reducing the blood glucose level and is the best available natural treatment against diabetes. The leaves of this plant can also be cooked and consumed regularly for effective results.


Cinnamon Reduce Diabetes

Taking up of three to six grams of powdered cinnamon, on a daily basis, helps a lot in curing diabetes. It also has the preventive effect, and those who are hereditarily on high risk of acquiring diabetes, can intake it daily. It will also reduce the cholesterol level in the body, thus clearing a risk factor, which would lead to diabetes. Also, it is effective in reducing the blood glucose level, which usually shoots up after a meal. This can be controlled with the use of cinnamon.

Effect Of Bitter Gourd

Bitter Gourd Reduce Diabetes

Bitter gourd is another easily available and most used cooking vegetable. As the name suggests, it has an extremely bitter taste. But, you can consume it in the form that you feel comfortable with. Other than physiological effect in reduce blood sugar level, it also has psychological effects. This is similar to the effect of insulin in the body, to reduce appetite. Thus, a regular intake of bitter gourd will bring about some visible improvements in curing diabetes.

Use Of Bilberry

Bilberry Reduce Diabetes

Juice of bilberry can effectively protect the blood vessels of eyes, against diabetes. Increase in blood sugar level, will first affect your retina and lead to further complications. To protect your eyes from such damage, you can get the help of bilberry extract. You can consuming it regularly and get protection against the condition called Diabetes Retinopathy. Though Diabetes is usually caused by genetic disorder and cannot be cured completely, you can definitely keep it under control, by proper dietary practices.

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