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Top 5 Natural Cures For Hemroids

Natural Cure To Hemroids

[toc]Hemroids more known by its generic names piles is a disease in which the veins that are naturally present in the rectum and anus become inflamed and swollen. The most common age during which people get affected by this ailment is between 45 and 65 years.

This is an extremely painful and embarrassing ailment, because in severe cases it can cause constant bleeding from the rectum and anus. It is also painful to pass stools if you are suffering from this ailment. The traditional methods of curing this disorder are prescription drugs and surgery, but you can try an effective natural cure for hemroids beforr you resort to more aggressive methods of modern medicine.

5 Natural Ways To Cure Hemroids


Fiber Foods For Hemroids

Fiber has always shown excellent benefits in relieving the symptoms of hemroids and also can stop bleeding. It softens the stools and increases its quantity which reduces the strain and hence the pain felt during passing of stools. It also alleviates other symptoms like itching and discomfort.

Whole grains and vegetables are particularly high in fiber content. If you think that you still require more fiber, you can take psyllium which is a fiber supplement. Another option is flaxseed which is also good as a natural cure for hemroids. However, when you increase the intake of fiber also make sure to increase the intake of water.


Bioflavonoids are well known for their anti inflammatory properties and are also known to strengthen and stabilize the walls of blood vessels. They have proved to be quite effective in relieving anal discomfort, anal discharge and pain during a hemroid attack.

Bioflavonoids For Hemroids

These bioflavonoids have mild side effects that appear rarely and hence can also be taken by pregnant women to cure hemroids symptoms. Diosmin, oxerutins, and hesperidin are the biioflavonoids found in citrus fruits which are especially beneficial.

Witch Hazel Cream Or Compress

The leaves and bark of the witch hazel plant are used to make this cream. You can also apply witch hazel topically in the form of medicated pads or a distilled liquid as well as ointment. It acts as an astringent and reduces the bleeding of hemroids. It also relieves pain, swelling and itching as a natural cure for hemroids.

Witch Hazel Cream For Hemroids

Butcher’s broom

This herb has anti inflammatory and vein constricting properties which improve the integrity and tone of the veins and shrink the swollen tissues. You can take this herb in a capsule or tea form.

Butcher’s broom For Hemroids

It is also effective if you apply it topically in the form of compress or ointment. People who have high blood pressure, BPH and who are using taking alpha blocker or consuming MAO inhibitor drugs or the pregnant women or the breast feeding mothers should not use witch hazel.

Horse chestnut

Horse Chestnut For Hemroids

This herb is usually recommended when there is poor movement in the veins or there is a persistent venous deficiency. You can take it in capsule or tea form, but only products that are made using the seeds as well as bark of immature branches should be used. Apart from this people with allergy to this family of plants or those having bleeding disorders and people who are on prescribed blood thinners should not take this natural cure for hemroids.

Cures For Hemroids