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Top 5 Natural Cures For Leukemia

Natural Cure To Leukemia

[toc]Leukemia is a cancer type that affects the blood vessels in your body especially the lymphatic system and the bone marrow. This condition is associated with symptoms such as fever with chills, loss of body weight, sweating, reddish spots on the skin, fatigue, bleeding etc. Treatments like radiation therapy, stem cell transplant and chemotherapy are offered to cure this condition.

You can also take natural cure for leukemia to help you overcome this condition easily as it helps in easing the suffering associated with this medical condition. Make sure that you ask your doctor’s opinion beforehand to make sure it doesn’t hinder the effects of the medicines prescribed. Read on to know more about the natural cures that are available in your kitchen all time.

5 Natural Cures For Leukemia

Raw Beetroot Juice

Raw Beetroot Juice For Leukemia

The beet-root is an excellent natural cure for leukemia as it contains betacyanins that contribute to the red color of the beet, which also is highly known, for its cancer fighting properties. It also has phytochemicals called the betalins among which the presence of betanin has rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities to detoxify your body.

This pigment present in the beet can eliminate the tumor cells found in your body. Make sure you drink a glass of beet juice every day as a part of your diet that helps you to stay healthy even while fighting leukemia.

How to Treat Leukemia
How To Prevent Leukemia

Add Turmeric Regularly

Turmeric For Leukemia

Turmeric is said to possess medicinal abilities and antiseptic properties, which makes it an excellent natural cure for leukemia. Add it to your soups, gravies and other dishes to improve your immunity, which helps to prevent synthesis of bone marrow. You can also take it as a pill every day to have a strong defense system that is much essential when you are a leukemia patient.

Increase The Intake Of Liquids

Drink water

When you are suffering from leukemia, your body tends to get dehydrated soon as you will face chemotherapy, prescription drugs and radiation. Drink lots of water, soups, broth, lemon juice and ginger ale to keep you hydrated while eliminating constipation and fatigue.

Increase Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Leukemia

Vitamin C and fruits containing vitamin C are natural cure for leukemia that plays a vital role in producing collagen and neurotransmitters in the body. This helps in faster healing of wounds in your body. Being a potent antioxidant, this vitamin helps in protecting the cells from any kind of free radical damages.

This vitamin helps to produce hydrogen peroxide within the body that has select levels of toxins to damage the cancer cells. Take fruits such as gooseberry, lemon and orange to get adequate vitamin C every day.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng For Leukemia

This herbal remedy is an effective natural cure for leukemia as it is highly helpful to treat this condition and helps to manage it without any risks. This herb can help to induce the telomerase activity and cause apoptosis in the cancerous cells found in your body.

These activities triggered by the herb make it an effective one as it slows down the cancer cell progression among the patients, which helps them to come out of the condition slowly.

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