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Top 5 Natural Cures For Red Eyes

Natural Cures For Red Eyes

[toc]Red eyes or blood shot eyes is a condition in which the eyes become red. This is, in most of the cases painless, except for reddening. It may occur due to many reasons like dust, allergy, smoke, or continuous coughs.

This is usually caused because of the stress given to the blood vessels, which are found surrounding the eyes. If it is caused by smoke or dust, it will automatically become normal in some time. This is usually harmless and nothing much to worry about.

5 Natural Cures For Red Eyes

Calendula Cures

Calendula For Red Eyes

The petals of calendula flower can be used to wash eyes and it will help you in recovering from red eyes. The petals of the flower can be taken separately and boiled in water before using. This has to be left for cooling for some time. The water has to be filtered separately and this can be used in washing your eyes.

This can be done regularly, even three or four times a day to recover completely. You can also relax yourselves by placing the cloth dipped in Calendula water on your affected eye. This has a very good effect in curing red eyes.

Healing Effect Of Honey


Honey along with milk can be used in the treatment as well. You can mix honey in some warm milk and leave it for some time, till it cools off completely. This mixture can then be used to apply externally as well as internally on infected eyes. You can put in some one or two drops of this mixture as an eye drop and relax for a while. You can also massage your eye lids with this mixture dipped in cotton. All this can help you in getting relieved from red eyes.

Use Of Rose Oil

Rose Oil For Red Eyes

Rose oil, is an easily available one, which can be used to cure red eyes. Using it is very simple, without any complex process involved. If you do not have time to mix up or heat things, you can simply go for this. All that you have to do is, apply few drops of rose oil on a cotton cloth and place it on your eyes.

Compress it for few minutes and remove the cloth off. This can be done for three times a day. You can have a bottle of rose oil with you, and use it anywhere you go.

Massage With Tea Bags

Tea Bags For Red Eyes

Tea bags can also be used for curing. The procedure for its usage is different and requires some effort, unlike the usage of rose oil. All that you have to do is, take a few tea bags and immerse it in water and allow it to boil well.

Once that is done, remove the tea bags and allow it to go warm. You can use these warm tea bags to massage your eye lids. You can even place it on the eyes and leave for some time. This will effectively cure the infection, if done twice or thrice a day.

Coriander Clears

Coriander For Red Eyes

The liquid that is prepared using coriander is an antibacterial and helps in curing red eyes. For this, you have to soak dried coriander in water and boil it for a while. After it gets cooled, you can filter and remove the liquid separately. This can be used in treating all eye infections.

Eyes are the most sensitive parts in body and enough care should be taken to keep it away from infections. Apart from all this curative agents, you can also wash your eyes regularly with clean water, to prevent infections.

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