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Top 5 Natural Cures For STD

[toc]Sexually transmitted diseases are often seen as an embarrassment, and many ignore going to physicians to get treated too. But, it is always important to treat it at the right time to avoid any major consequences that may occur out of it. As the name itself suggests, STDs are transmitted through unprotected or unsafe sex. Cures For STD The symptoms often range from pain on or near the sex organs, ejaculation of any undesirable and foul smelling matter. Apart from these initial symptoms, you may also lose weight, get rashes and so on. It is always advisable to get it diagnosed at the initial stages so that you can get it treated by some natural ways.

Simple And Easy Natural Cures For Stds

Yogurt To Treat Trichomoniasis

Yogurt is rich in useful bacteria, which is essential for the body to perform a number of functions like digestion and fighting against the disease causing bacteria. This property of yoghurt can be used to treat trichomoniasis, one of the sexually transmitted diseases. This most commonly occurs in women and a regular intake of yoghurt will help in curing it. You can also apply it on the vagina regularly for effective results. Yogurt To Treat Trichomoniasis


Neem is the best anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agent, which can be used for both internal as well as external treatments. In case of treating STDs, you can consume neem products such as leaves and flowers, by mixing it with regular diet. In case of rashes or warts which results due to any sexually transmitted disease, you can apply neem oil over it. This will effectively fight against the disease causing germs and helps in improving your immunity as well. Neem

Right Diet

Eating right kind of diet also plays a very important role. Rather than knowing what to eat, you should also be aware of what not to eat. Proper dietary practices are a very effective treatment against STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea. It is mandatory to avoid foods like sugar, lettuce, citrus fruits, and other processed or refined foods. Right Diet


Apart from other treatments, you can also try garlic as a supplement, which has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. You can either consume raw garlic daily or add it with your regular diet. Raw garlic is found to be more effective in fighting against the microbes. You can also apply garlic paste on regions where symptoms of the disease are seen. Garlic


Genital warts are a major concern among males, which is one of the effects as a result of sexually transmitted diseases. This can occur in any parts of the body and become a sign of embarrassment. You can treat this effectively with the help of onion juice. You can apply it on the warts at least twice in a day and see some visible changes. As prevention is always better than cure, hygiene sex practices will help averting the occurrence of STDs. A proper education and awareness is important to protect you from such diseases and to find a cure for it. Onion