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Top 5 Natural Cures For Ulcerative Colitis

[toc]Ulcerative colitis is the condition that occurs due to the inflammation of the large intestine and colon, causing a number of health issues. It may occur due to the weakening of immunity system, and the ulceration of the large intestine and rectum, which stores the waste product.

Ulcerative Colitis

Bleeding from the rectum and the pain in abdomen are some of the symptoms to indicate the onset of this disease. Virus or bacteria may be the causative agents, which may invade the body, due to the weakening of the immune system. It is always recommended to be hygienic and improve your immunity, to stay away from such diseases.

Various Natural Cures For Ulcerative Colitis

Bananas To Relieve Constipation

Bananas are the first and most important fruit that may relieve you from all kind of disorders related to excretion. This fruit is known for its laxative properties, and relieve you from constipation. Once this is done, there will be no accumulation of waste, or the formation of bacteria or virus. It is also found that bananas can heal and revive the mucous lining of large intestine and rectum, thus helping you out from this disorder.


Buttermilk For Cleansing

Cleansing the colon regularly is extremely important to stay away from ulcerative colitis. This can be done with the help of useful bacteria that is present in butter milk. You can in take butter milk regularly for desired results. Also, it is recommended that you remove the fat or butter content from the curd, before you consume it. This will give effective results against ulcerative colitis.

butter milk

Tender Coconut For Healing

Tender coconut is found to be a preventive and curative agent against a number of disorders. A regular intake of it is found to relieve you from abdominal pain that is caused due to ulcerative colitis. Also, it also quickens the healing process of the mucous membrane of large intestine. Any swelling or inflammation that occurs in the large intestine is also found to be cured by drinking tender coconut regularly.


Apple To Prevent Ulcer

Though there are a number of curative agents, apple acts as both curative as well as preventive agent. It is generally recommended for a healthy life style, and especially if you are suffering from ulcerative colitis, a regular intake of apple will surely help. The presence of iron and phosphorous content is found to prevent the occurrence of ulcer. You can also eat the steamed apples, which is found to be more effective in treating ulcerative colitis.


Chamomile Tea To Soothe Colon

Chamomile tea can be prepared by boiling few leaves of chamomile in water. This can then be strained and consumed. This is found to soothe the colon and helps in healing too. As this does not have any side effects, you can even consume it regularly, twice a day. Apart from these natural cures, you should not take care of the diet that you intake. Your dietary practices also highly determine your immunity capacity and digestive power. Also, keep your body hydrated always to keep the diseases at bay.

chamomile tea

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