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Top 5 Treatments For Obesity

Top Treatments For Obesity

[toc]Obesity is defined as the condition where the body tends to accumulate excessive amounts of fat. This can be blamed on poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercises and a lot of other factors too. Sometimes, hormones can also make one obese and thus understanding the cause of the obesity is vital in treating the same.

Nevertheless, there are various treatment options available for treating obesity, including surgical procedures where excess fat from the body is taken out. However, the procedure involves a change in lifestyle along with change in attitude to treat obesity or else you can become victim to an array of diseases. Here are some treatments for obesity

5 Treatments For Obesity

Surgery And Cosmetic Procedures

Surgery For Obesity

Then there are also surgeries in which the size of the gastric band is reduced. This is known as bariatric surgery. However, the natural methods for preventing obesity are suggested because these do come with side effects.

Surgical procedures may hamper your appetite, have side effects like nausea and of course, they are also very risky. Cosmetic procedures are there too, which target on particular parts of the body like tummy tuck. Again, these are very expensive and are a temporary solution to obesity.


Exercises For Obesity

The best and safest away to shed off weight and keep obesity at bay is via exercises. It should be remembered that you can pick from an array of exercises that you enjoy. This should also suit your age, lifestyle and of course physical fitness levels. Some exercises that almost anyone can do are walking, swimming or even light cardio.

For advanced practitioners, there are alternatives like weight lifting, strength training and even high intensity interval training. Then the moderate forms of exercises that heal the body and the mind include yoga and Pilates, both of which combat obesity and also help fight diseases related to it.

Diet Remedies

Healthy Diet For Obesity

A healthy diet is another viable treatment for obesity. For this you can consult a professional nutritionist or dietician or even make a change in your diet schedule. For instance, you should minimize the intake of carbs and opt for high fiber foods.

You should also stay away from harmful cholesterol and opt for healthier ones like omega fatty acids available in extra virgin olive oil or even nuts. Have small and healthy meals through out the day to keep metabolism active. Say yes to salads, grilled and boiled foods and no to red meats and deep fried foods.


Medications Reduce Obesity

Those who are suffering from severe or acute obesity because of hormonal problems like thyroid, etc. need medications along with lifestyle changes. These medications will help in balancing the hormones and thus treat obesity. Another remedy here is pills for weight loss, but again these come with many side effects and should be avoided. Remember that natural pills might fare better here, but do consult a doctor before having the same.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage For Obesity

A very popular treatment for obesity these days is ayurvedic massage, where the body is massaged using herbs, aromatic oils and even clay and other minerals, which help in dissolving the tough fat on the body and thus aid in weight loss. This obesity treatment is time consuming but sure bears long term results.

Top 5 Treatments For Obesity

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