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Top 5 Ways On How To Deal With Elbow Pain

Ways To Deal With Elbow Pain

[toc]Elbow pain is a kind of problem that has eluded the general populous for years and continues to do so. Mostly found in sportsmen, especially those involved in racquet-ball games and bat-ball games, this problem can take various forms including something as serious as Tennis-Elbow.

Not only is this capable of destroying careers, it can also cause serious bone injuries recovery from which is next to impossible. It becomes necessary to know the methods of dealing with elbow pain. Here are the top 5 ways on how to deal with elbow pain.

5 Ways To Deal With Elbow Pain

Use If Ice Packs/heat Packs

Ice Packs For Elbow Pain

Since elbow joint is the area of union of three bones, the elbow pain might be a result of a hit to the joint. Such a scenario causes swelling over the joint and in order to cure this condition, one has to ensure that ice packs or heat packs are applied over the affected area with immediate effect. Doing so every 15-20 minutes for 3-4 hours causes great relief.

The Carpal Roller

Carpal Roller For Elbow Pain

The carpal roller is a very effective tool that is used with high frequency to deal with elbow pain. It gives lateral stretch to the lateral forearm muscles which decreases soft tissue tension and pain. It also decreases inflammation and swelling. The treatment offered by The Carpal Roller is equivalent to that provided by a therapist.

Use of NSAIDs

Anti Inflammatory Drugs For Elbow Pain

NSAIDs or Non-steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs have been found to be very helpful in elbow pains arising due to sprains, inflammations or muscular hits. These drugs block the COX enzymes being produced in the body and reduce the secretion of prostaglandins throughout the body. This chemical is responsible for the promotion of pain causing agents like inflammation and pain.

Surgical Methods

Surgery For Elbow Pain

Elbow pains can often lead to a very serious problem known as Tennis Elbow. The best option for a person suffering from this problem is to get operated as soon as possible. As the surgery is quite complex and requires the patient to rest for a period of 5-6 months and limits his hand movements by great proportions, it should be turned to as a last resort.

Other Day-To-Day Methods

Celery For Elbow Pain

A few methods are quite easy to follow and available to us with comfort. The use of hot pepper is the foremost among those methods. Wrapping a cloth containing hot pepper around the affected area reduces inflammation by a great deal. Its natural anti-inflammatory properties reduce pain. Consuming celery on a daily diet reduces the symptoms of rheumatism and also helps in reducing pain and inflammation. Since it is herbal, it has no side-effects whatsoever. Another method to reduce inflammation and pain is to apply a bandage of hot potatoes over the affected area. The warmth of such a bandage has amazing relieving effects.

One must know about all these methods to deal with elbow pain and ensure that they are followed when needed with immediate effect otherwise these problems can get extrapolated to unknown proportions. If these medications won’t work to deal with elbow pain then one should consult with the doctor.

Ways On How To Deal With Elbow Pain

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