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Top 6 Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

[toc]Ulcerative colitis is a disease that is caused by inflammation of the colon. Generally, this disease occurs when the cells that are present in the colon or rectum are damaged. The cells are destroyed and then pus is formed which leads to ulcerative colitis which is a type of ulcer. This condition affects a large number of people. It usually affects the large intestine, rectum and colon.

Ulcerative Colitis

It leads to abdominal pain and pain in the rectum, cramps, irritable bowels, visible strains of blood in the stool, weight loss, weakness, etc. There are many reasons that cause ulcerative colitis. In this article, we have compiled a few of those reasons that result in this condition. Let us take a look!

Causes of Ulcerative Colitis

Weak Immune System

According to various studies, ulcerative colitis is caused due to a weak immune system. The infection triggers the natural defense system of the body to a great extent and the body is not able to fight it. Once the infection hits the body, the inflammation starts and the immune system gets weaker, thus, making the condition worse.

weak immune system

Genetic Factors

Many times, ulcerative colitis is caused due to genetic factors. It may happen that you have inherited your family genes that play a vital role in developing ulcerative colitis. According to recent studies, one out of six people with ulcerative colitis have a close relative with the same condition.

There are several genes that make people more vulnerable to developing this condition, although the exact cause behind this is still unknown. It should also be noted that the levels of ulcerative colitis are much higher in certain racial groups than in others.

Genetic factors


An improper diet is also responsible for the occurrence of ulcerative colitis in people. If you are following a typical western diet that comprises of high levels of carbohydrates and fats, then you stand at a greater risk of acquiring ulcerative colitis. It is because of this reason that Asians are less affected by ulcerative colitis than the people of the West.

Fatty Foods


Smoking can lead to ulcerative colitis. This condition is more prevalent in smokers and even ex-smokers as tobacco contains harmful substances that trigger the growth of this disease.



It is very essential to stay in a clean and germ free environment as an unhygienic environment can pose as a major cause of ulcerative colitis.


Air Pollution

A recent research has proved that people who live in areas with higher levels of certain air pollutants are more at a risk of developing ulcerative colitis. If the air contains certain harmful air pollutants then there is a high risk that people will be infected by ulcerative colitis. Such harmful pollutants include nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, etc.

Even the burning of oil and coal and the emission of car exhausts releases harmful elements in the atmosphere that can cause harm to the human body in a great many ways. It is because of the air pollution that ulcerative colitis is more common in the urban areas than in villages and small towns.

Air Pollution

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