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Top 6 Natural Cures For COPD

[toc]The most commonly known cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is smoking. The starting symptom is a wheezing cough and then goes on to shortness of breath even with the slightest exertion. COPD has both chronic bronchitis and emphysema within it. In emphysema the air sacs known as alveoli get destroyed and the support structure around them around them weakens.


This causes the small airways in the lungs to collapse especially while inhaling and results in a reduced capacity to take in oxygen and expel CO2. In chronic bronchitis there is chronic inflammation in the airways leading to a persistent cough. This inflammation also affects the ability of the lungs to old air with new.

In COPD apart from these symptoms there is also a spasm of the airways like in asthma. As a result of all this there are occasional flare ups when bacteria breed in the lungs leading to acute enhancement of symptoms. However, you can look for a natural cure for COPD and get some relief from these painful symptoms.

6 Natural Cures For COPD

Avoid Smoking And Airborne Irritants

One of the main causes of COPD is considered to be smoking which should be given up immediately if you are diagnosed with this ailment. At the same time, airborne irritants like chemical fumes, wood smoke etc. aggravate the symptoms and should also be avoided.



The extract of this tree is a standard ingredient in cough drops and in the oils that are often added to humidifiers. You can use a combination essential oil therapy with a mixture of cineole from eucalyptus, alpha pinene from pine and d-limonene from citrus fruits. Oral use of this mixture has shown effective benefits for people suffering from COPD and acts as a natural cure for COPD.

Eucalyptus Oil

Echinacea, Wild Indigo And White Cedar

A combination of the extracts of Echinacea, wildindigo and white cedar has shown a lot of benefit when used to treat COPD. These herbs are also known to enhance the efficacy of antibiotics.


Ivy Leaf And Plantain

These two herbs have shown improvement in patients of COPD when they consumed them, but there is no scientific study to provide evidence for the facts. However, practical usage suggests that they act as a natural cure for COPD.

Ivy Leaf


This ancient Chinese system of treatment involves deep breathing accompanies by rhythmic slow movements. Its intention is to promote the free flow of ‘Qi’ or vital energy in the body. This treatment is a lesser known Chinese therapy but is supposed to have a beneficial effect for patients suffering from COPD and other diseases. However, there are no studies to prove this fact.



This is another ancient Chinese method of treatment, which is known to be a natural cure for COPD along with many other diseases. The efficacy of this treatment has been proven by several studies in which the patients who received actual acupuncture showed great relief in symptoms of COPD, while people who received fake treatments did not show any improvement.