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Top 6 Natural Cures For Prostatitis

[toc]Prostatitis is a condition that features infection in the prostate gland, which has the size of a walnut present at the bladder end among men. This medical condition occurs when the prostate gland is inflamed resulting in extreme pain while urinating and causing difficulty to pass urine. Among four types of prostatitis, two types are caused by bacterial infections. This painful condition can be kept under control if the patient seeks medical help.

6 Cures For Prostatitis

The symptoms associated with this condition can also be eased with the help of natural cure for prostatitis as it is free from side effects and have good curative properties to prevent this condition. Read the article further to know more about the goodness of the natural cures to get rid of the pain and inflammation of this condition.

6 Natural Cures For Prostatitis

Stinging Nettle

This herb helps to minimize the inflammation in the prostate gland as it interrupts the pain signal transmission and helps the cells present in the gland to feel relieved of the pain. This herb can be consumed as a tea, pill, and capsule or as a tincture. This natural cure for prostatitis must be administered after availing the doctor’s advice regarding its consumption.

Stinging Nettle

Eat flax Seeds

Flax seeds are rich in Essential Fatty acids or EFAs that make it possess anti-inflammatory properties. One can consume flax seeds by adding it along with their cereals, porridges or salads to make sure it forms a part of their daily diet. This is highly essential to maintain the good health of the prostate gland.

flax Seeds

Top 5 Natural Cures For Prostatitis
How To Treat Prostatitis


This herb is popular for its ability to eradicate all problems associated with the prostate. However, remember to take it for a very short time as it can deplete the levels of potassium and thiamine in the body if taken for a long time. Stay away from this natural cure if having diabetes, as the herb is capable of lowering the blood pressure levels.


Vitamin D

Often people neglect the dosage of each vitamin required to lead a healthy life. Though many vitamins are got through food, vitamin D is not easy to find. One can find only a few food items that contain this vitamin and hence they can get a good amount of this vitamin by standing under the morning rays of the sun.

This will help the patient to get some abundant Vitamin D in their body. Include those foods that are rich in this vitamin to make sure that the chronic inflammation associated with this medical condition is eliminated.

vitamin d

Consume yogurt

Make sure that every day diet includes unsweetened yogurt as the presence of probiotics in it helps to cure this condition. Add some fruits to it and eat like a smoothie or make it as a dressing for everyday salads.


Consume Green Tea

Having two or three cups of green tea everyday will be highly helpful as this natural cure for prostatitis has catechins in it which is a type of antioxidant that curbs inflammation. This is highly helpful to deal with a painful condition such as this.

green tea

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