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Top 7 Home Remedies For Gallbladder Disorders

[toc]Gallbladder, the little pear-shaped sac tucked under the liver, is exposed to some disorders, and the most common among them is gallstones. This important organ in the human digestive system is also prone to ‘acalculous gallbladder diseases’ or gallbladder disorders without stones, such as porcelain gall bladder and gall bladder cancer.remedies for gallbladder

The 4-inch pouch that is conferred with the responsibility to collect the cholesterol-rich bile produced by the liver does a great job in digesting body fats. Any disorders in the gallbladder get manifested in the form of a range of symptoms that are rather unpleasant. Though removal of gallbladder is a safe option, gallbladder disorders, especially gallstones, can be treated by embracing some useful home remedies.

7 Home Remedies for Gallbladder Disorders

Many of these home remedies are very effective in curing gallstones, the most common gallbladder disorder. Stones are nothing but the crystallized bits of cholesterol, which can be as minute as a speck of sand or as big as a golf ball.

Lemons, Beets, and Ginger

Following a liver detoxifying diet helps in curing gallstones. Lemons and beets are the best foods to attain healthy liver and gallbladder. During gallstone attack, one can get instant relief by sipping fresh squeezed lemon or beetroot juice. These fresh juices help in keeping bile healthy and non-glutinous. Beet juice has the reputation of offering regenerating effect to the body. It is also great in curing digestive ailments. Beet juice works by thinning the bile and enhance bile flow.

lemon beet ginger

Lemon juice prevents leaky gut and improves digestive function. Fresh ginger juice and grapefruit juice also help in alleviating the symptoms of gallbladder disorders. You can even make an effective liver detoxifying juice by blending a small piece of beetroot, fresh lemon juice, a few dandelion leaves, one piece of fresh ginger, and sufficient amount of distilled water. Freshly extracted juices from carrot and cucumber are also beneficial in dealing with gallbladder disorders.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar (ACV) mixed with fresh apple juice is an effective home remedy for gallbladder disorders. Apple cider vinegar is especially good in treating gallstones and reduces pain. One can drink ¼ to ½ cup pure cider vinegar during a gallstone attack to get instant relief.


Experiences show that sipping warm natural apple juice helps in dealing with gallstones since pectin contained in apple make stones softer.

Natural Essential Oils

Gallbladder flush through unrefined and organic natural oils is a very common home remedy to tackle gallbladder stones and other disorders. Drinking about 30 ml of olive oil or sunflower oil is known to relieve the symptoms associated with gallstones. Organic olive oil helps in the lubrication of bile ducts. This helps gallbladder stones to pass easily without causing any problems by getting accumulated.


Drinking a blend of juice of half a lemon with ¾ ounces of organic olive oil will also do a great job. Blackseed oil is another great remedy for gallbladder flush. Sip a half a cup of hot water that is infused with about 250g of ground black seed, 250g of unadulterated honey, and one teaspoon of black seed oil in empty stomach to get relief from the pain and other symptoms associated with gallstones.

High-Fiber Cereal

Including fiber-rich food in daily diet helps in dealing with gallstones very effectively. Since skipping breakfast aggravates the gallstone problem, it is prudent to have a cereal-rich breakfast. It is necessary to keep away from sugary, high-fat snacks and food to maintain a healthy gallbladder.

high fiber cerealCereals made from whole grains help a great deal making food move effortlessly through your digestive tract. Lentils, brown rice, oats, and dried beans are other fiber rich foods that can be eaten safely.

Red Bell Pepper

Red bell pepper will help you in including sufficient amount of vitamin C in your daily diet which is helpful in dealing with gallbladder disorders. High amount of vitamin C in blood prevents the formation of gallstones.

red bell pepper

The presence of vitamin C encourages the activity of an enzyme that is responsible for transforming cholesterol into bile acids.


New research studies show that drinking wine might be helpful in preventing the formation of gallstones. Moderate levels of alcohol will cut the risk of gallstones.


But before embracing it as a good home remedy for gallbladder problems, it is better to discuss the dosage with a medical practitioner since alcohol consumption will lead to liver problems and dependency issues. Drinking approximaltey 175ml of wine per day is expected to cut the risk of gallstones by 40%.


Salmon is considered as a good home remedy or gallbladder disorders since it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 oil is effective in preventing gallstone formation. Fish capsules are great in decreasing the amount of cholesterol present in bile.


Consumption of other fish such as tuna, mackerel, sardine, herring etc. are also helpful. Other healthy and unsaturated fats that might reduce the formation of gallstones are nuts, olive oil, canola oil, flaxseed oil etc.

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