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Top Causes Of Low Testosterone In Males

Low Testosterone Low Testosterone

[toc]Millions of men consider erectile dysfunction a life altering and serious problem because it brings with it feelings of frustration, inadequacy and shaken confidence that eventually spills over into other areas of life. There are a number of physical and psychological reasons which contribute to the occurrence of this problem.

One of the hormones that are found in the body is called testosterone and it is often referred to as the ‘male hormone’. This hormone has a strong relation with sexual libido and it is said that a decrease in the level of testosterone in the body will give rise to the dilemma of erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Low Testosterone in Males


It should be kept in mind that the main cause of this problem or the falling levels of the hormones is because of age.

It usually commences at the age of 30. As a man ages, there is a sharp decline in the levels of this hormone. For some individuals the process is more rapid while for others it is much slower.

Excessive Iron

Excessive amounts of iron tends to give rise to the problem too dysfunction. It should be remembered that iron consumption here can be from a variety of sources, including water.

Hence, the iron intake should be limited for those suffering from this problem. It is best to avoid supplements that contain iron and restrict foods that contain excessive amounts of iron. Excessive intake hampers the production of this hormone, leading to lower levels.

Chronic illnesses

There are various kinds of chronic illnesses that are known to affect the supply of blood flow to the penis and thus hamper the performance of the same. Some of these include tuberculosis, chronic heart diseases, respiratory disorders and even problems of the nervous system.

All of these lead to poor levels of testosterone, which in turn hampers poor performance. Along with these, kidney failure and liver cirrhosis too lead to poor production of this hormone. Pituitary gland dysfunction, which is responsible for the production of many hormones along with testosterone too leads to lower levels of the same.

Alcohol And Nacrotics

Avoid Alcohol Avoid Alcohol

There are various lifestyle causes of poor levels of testosterone and the excessive consumption of alcohol is one of them. Alcohol reduces production of many hormones in the long run and testosterone is one of them.

With continuous usage, alcohol may reduce the production of testosterone to almost 20 percent. Even narcotics and other similar drugs here hamper production of testosterone. They interfere with internal body functions and reduce testosterone levels drastically. In fact, if not restricted, the damage here can be permanent too.

These are some of the major causes of poor testosterone levels, lifestyle along with acute hormonal imbalance can lead to the same too.


Often, medications may hamper testosterone levels in the body. For instance, one can experience very low levels of the same because of chemotherapy and radiation, which are common treatment procedures for cancer.Apart from this, many hormones for muscle building along with supplements can reduce testosterone levels in the body.