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Top 5 Arthritis Treatments

Top Treatments For Arthritis [toc]Arthritis affects millions of people all over the world. However, its symptoms can be kept well under control. It is a relatively simple ailment with relatively simple measures to control it.   Although there is no true ‘cure’ which can get rid of the condition, following certain restrictions and adding certain new factors into your life can keep arthritis well under control allowing you to lead a perfectly normal life. Exercising along with medication and the right food can allow you to lead a perfectly normal life even with arthritis.

Effective Ways To Treat Arthritis


Turmeric For Arthritis This is a common household ingredient that is found in almost every kitchen. It has a very potent ability to reduce and even prevent inflammation. Chemicals found in turmeric act as anti-inflammatory agents throughout the body’s tissues and eating a few pieces of whole turmeric every day is an extremely good way of keeping arthritis symptoms well under control. Turmeric paste can also be applied topically to the affected joints enabling the turmeric to rapidly start acting on the joint.


Exercise For Arthritis Gentle exercises that stretch and flex the joints are very good in keeping the arthritis symptoms under control. High-impact exercises should be strictly avoided as they can aggravate symptoms of arthritis by exposing joints to high levels of shock. Instead, stretching and low-impact exercises like cycling are advised as these achieve the normal range of joint flexing while reducing the shock that the joints are exposed to. Regular exercises also improve blood flow allowing more nutrition to reach the affected joints.

Green Tea

Green Tea For Arthritis Green tea contains numerous antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect the body from the formation of the free radicals that cause extensive damage in the affected areas. A few cups of green tea every day reduce the inflammation of the joints and prevent any further degeneration of the affected tissue. This leads to better joint flexibility and better healing of the affected joints. The antioxidants also reduce the chance of infection of the affected joints causing the joints to be more resilient to pathogens of the body.


Massage For Arthritis This is a very commonly tried treatment for arthritis and is very effective if done correctly. Massaging increases the blood flow to the affected joint and increases the circulation in all the tissues around the joint. This leads to the joint being nourished well and inflammation being reduced as well. This also leads the fluid between the joints to circulate leading to reduced risk of inflammation of the sac that contains the fluid. Try this for quick relief from the joint aches.

Anti Inflammatory Medication

Anti Inflammatory Medication For Arthritis This is a conventional form of medical treatment that involves prescribed medication. This is usually used for more severe forms of arthritis where lifestyle and dietary changes are not enough to curtail the symptoms of arthritis. Prescription pills are usually powerful analgesic agents or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicines that suppress nerve reception around the affected joint or reduce inflammation of the affected tissue leading to reduction in pain.

Most medications have long-term side-effects, so be judicious about their usage in the long run. Arthritis, unless extremely severe, can be controlled easily by simple dietary supplements and topical ointments made from natural ingredients. Combined with proper lifestyle changes one can easily live a normal life.

Top 5 Arthritis Treatments

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