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Top 5 Home Remedies To Soothe Sunburns

Home Remedies To Soothe Sunburns

[toc]Among the various skin problems that occur due to external factors and not because of any dysfunction in the body, one very common one is that of sunburn. In simple terms, prolonged exposure to the sun causes a burning sensation on the skin with rashes and inflammation as well.

This can definitely differ in severity for people. The good part is that the burning feel can be soothed with some safe home remedies. It will not only give a gradual cure to the crisis but also relieve you from the symptoms and provide a soothing effect. Follow on a regular basis without fail to get visible outcomes:

5 Home Remedies To Soothe Sunburns

Soak In Cold Water

Soak In Cold Water For Sunburns

Cold water soak is one of the immediate solutions as a home remedy for soothing the sunburns. Make sure that the water is cool but not ice cold. This can also be in the form of cold compresses on the skin for about 15-20 minutes.

Not only does this remedy absorbs the heat from the skin but also helps in the reduction of swelling which is one of the signs of sunburn. Make sure you follow it till the time the problem subsides completely.

Green Tea Wonders

Green Tea To Reduce Sunburns

Another effective home remedial measure through which you can get good results on the sunburn is to use a compress made of green tea. All you need to do is brew some fresh green tea at home and let it cool to room temperature. Now take a clean piece of cloth and soak it completely with green tea. This should be compressed on the affected areas of sunburn. Along with reducing the inflammation it also helps in treating the damaged skin caused by UV rays of the sun.

Mint Concoction

Mint Concoction To Reduce Sunburns

Prepare a peppermint tea or else take some lukewarm water and add some drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Now use this water to rinse the sunburned areas. The soothing and cooling properties of mint will give you good relief from the burning sensation and treat the inflammation. This should only be done once the concoction is chilled in the refrigerator.

Baking Soda And Vinegar Paste

Baking Soda To Reduce Sunburns

Take some good quality baking soda and make a paste out of it using vinegar. Now evenly slather this paste on the sunburned areas of the body. This is beneficial when it is applied for an entire night and then washed with cool water in the morning. Follow the remedy everyday till the problem subsides completely. Vinegar can also be added to the bath to ensure a soothing effect on the sunburns. Well again, you can also apply some vinegar directly on the sunburned skin to treat the inflammation and get rid of the burning sensation.

Oatmeal Soak

Oatmeal To Reduce Sunburns

Prepare a cool water soak to which you can add a cup of grounded oatmeal. This is known for the soothing properties that will definitely help you in treating and soothing the sunburns. The idea is to use it at least once everyday for immediate relief from the discomfort of sunburn.

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