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Top Home Remedies For Sports Injuries

[toc]Sports InjuriesWhen you play sports, there is a big chance that some or the other time you might injure yourself. There are different types of sports injuries one can face. Sprains, fractures, bruises or blisters could be few of the sports related injuries that people normally face.

Obviously, you can’t treat fractures, head bangs or other severe type of injuries at home but for the rest of them, there are easy remedies at home. Three out of four sports injuries are pretty minor so they can be dealt with at home but for the rest make sure you consult your family physician if you are having any doubts. Here are some simple home remedies for sports injuries:

Various Home Remedies For Sports Injuries


Ice CompressFor basic strains or ligament sprains, you could apply ice. Ice will help to get the inflammation and swelling down and the patient will feel less painful in a few minutes.

You can apply ice directly, or as an ice bag or buy a commercial cold pack which is easier to use. Apply the ice for 15 minutes at a time and you can apply it about three to four times a day. Ice treatment is the best treatment to bring down initial symptoms of sports injuries.

Keep Wounds Clean

CreamsIf it is a bruise or a big wound, first of all make sure it does not need stitches. If the blood clots after a few minutes, then you can be relieved that you don’t require stitches. Keep the wound dry as much as possible. Change the dressing every few hours so that the wound doesn’t acquire an external infection.

Clean it with and antiseptic liquid and apply some antiseptic cream over it. Cover it with a bandage at all times until you notice new skin forming over it.


RestKids might not like it if you don’t let them play their next game but adequate rest is important for the treatment of the injury.

Many times, because of exertion there are chances that the injury might become worse and cause permanent damage. Rest should be taken at least 24 hours after the injury with no movement of the part.

Avoid Itching

Epsom BathsInjuries could also be in the form of rashes so it is best to avoid excessive itching. If you constantly itch, you might end up having a wound instead of a simple skin rash. Add some baking soda or oatmeal powder to bathing water and take a bath with it twice a day.

This is the best remedy to combat itching in case of skin rashes. You could also apply some aloe gel to the rash area so that it feels cool and less itchy.

Heated Wash Cloth

If it is a bruise, make sure you clean it completely at first and then apply a heated washcloth over it. Make sure the washcloth isn’t excessively hot because you might end up giving the child a burn.

Apply the heated cloth for about 10 minutes over the affected area. Heat increases the blood and oxygen flow into the area and thereby promoting healing.

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