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5 Top Home Remedies For White Spots On Skin

[toc]Along with the body and the hair, another of the aspect that needs proper attention and care is our precious skin. There are a lot of different crises that you might have to face where skin is concerned. On one hand where pimples and rashes are some of the simple conditions and can be treated easily, there are even conditions of white spots that are highly visible as well as embarrassing.

Remedies For White Spots On Skin

The best that can be done is a situation like this is to get your hands on some home remedies that can treat it safely, effectively as well as affordably. The list below has some well reviewed ideas that can be used:

Home Remedies For White Spots On Skin

Basil Oil Application

One of the top notch home remedies through which you can achieve good results for the white spots on the skin is the application of basil oil. This should be done everyday especially at night before sleeping to get best outcomes.

The results might be gradual but you will see visible changes in a couple of week’s time. Basil juice that is freshly extracted can also be used for the purpose of treating white spots on the skin. Apply it with a clean cotton ball for ideal results.

Basil Oil Application

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric can be mixed a little with mustard oil and made into a paste like consistency. This should be applied on the white patches of the skin. The discolored and affected areas should be kept in mind and about twice daily application should be adhered to.

This should be followed for about one year to get perfect outcomes and good riddance from white spots. Turmeric can also be mixed with neem leaves to make a paste and applied on the white spots that are a result of some form of infections.


Ginger Juice And Honey

Fresh ginger juice can be extracted and can be mixed with a little honey. This is supposed to improve the flow of the blood and thus trigger the treatment process for white spots on skin. The idea is to have some daily for profitable experience in a couple of weeks.

Ginger juice without honey can be used to apply on the white patches twice in a day to get easy and safe treatment for the problem. Make sure you follow the remedy with a strict routine. Herein, ginger juice can be mixed with water and lemon juice to get perfect outcomes.

Ginger Juice And Honey

Black Gram Paste

A thick paste of black gram can be made at home and then evenly applied on the skin where you see white spots. This helps in restoring the color of the skin and thus treats the problem from the roots. Follow this remedy at least once everyday to ensure that you get best benefits in hand.

Black Gram Paste

Use Apple Cider Vinegar

To destroy the bacteria as well as the fungi that lead to the formation of white spots on the skin, the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar will work just fine. A mixture can be made with water and then used for washing the area twice in a day to get rid of the problem.

It will change color in about a month’s time and then slowly subside altogether. It can also be included in various dishes.

Apple Cider Vinegar