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8 Top Natural Cures For Cavities

Natural Cure To Cavities

[toc]Scared of cavities? Cavities can be very painful and can even force you to visit dentists frequently for root canal and other treatments. Also known as tooth decay it is one disease that has become very common among people of all age.

The two best ways by which you can prevent your teeth is by changing your diet and by flossing and brushing your teeth to keep it clean. Prevention of tooth decaying is not a difficult task. Below are mentioned few tips by which you can prevent these painful cavities:

8 Natural Cures For Cavities

Maintain Hygiene

Maintain Hygiene To Reduce Cavities

It has been advised by experts that everyone should brush at least twice daily. This should be done once after waking up in the morning and the second time before going to bed. However it is better to brush after eating.

Along with brushing, it is very important to floss the teeth to ensure cleansing of the food residues in between that takes the form of plague very soon. Apart from that, bacteria can be killed by regular mouth rinse, especially after eating any meals. This should preferably be done using warm water.

Avoiding Foods High In Sugar

Avoiding Foods High In Sugar

Cookies, chocolates, candies, cakes, tea or coffee with sugar, biscuits, diet soda and similar products are tooth enemies. Diet sugar does not have sugar but has high amount of acid which is also not good for teeth. Eating small amounts is not that bad but make sure that you eat during your meal times.

Food products containing following ingredients must be avoided in particular which includes glucose, honey, maltose, sucrose, fructose and dextrose. If you love eating snacks then you can eat cheese, unsweetened tea and coffee and sugar free products.

Have Plenty Of Water

Drink More Water To Reduce Cavities

Drinking water after eating products rich in sugar and acid can also prevent cavities. Water can help you to make the pH of your mouth neutral. Drinking frequent sips of water at regular intervals is also beneficial. This can help you to prevent both tooth decay and bad breath. About 10 glasses of water each day is highly recommendable in such a situation.

Benefit Of Fluorides

Fluorides To Reduce Cavities

Fluorides can also help you to protect your teeth. It will reduce the ability of bacteria to make acid, can help you prevent mineral loss and can also be used to replace lost minerals. Fluorides can be consumed by drinking fluorinated water and using fluorinated toothpastes to brush our teeth.

Fluorinated mouthwash can also be used but it should not be used just after brushing instead chooses a separate time to wash your mouth with it. Eating or drinking for thirty minutes after using the mouthwash is advisable.

Magic Of Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants To Reduce Cavities

Another good way to treat tooth decay is to use dental sealants. These sealants are basically a thin, plastic coating that are painted onto the chewing surface of the teeth especially the back teeth or the molars. These sealants are advantageous because they form a barrier against the accumulation of bacteria and food.

The chewing surfaces of the tooth especially the back tooth are very uneven and rough which can lead to accumulation of food and bacteria in these pits. Sealants can be used to cover these pits and thus can be used to avoid food accumulation and in turn tooth decaying.

Do Not Eat At Frequent Intervals

Do Not Eat At Frequent Intervals

Eating again and again can bring your teeth under constant acid and bacteria attack. Frequent sipping and snacking is not good for our teeth and thus should be avoided to stay away from tooth decay. You should drink water at regular intervals but should not eat.

Limiting our meals gives our teeth a chance so that they can repair themselves. You must eat only three to four times a day so that your teeth do not face the germ attack again and again.

Regular Dental Check Ups

Regular Dental Check Ups For Cavities

Last but not the least regular dental check-ups also play a very important role. This can help you detect any tooth decay at its early stage before it gets worse. Regular dental checks can even help you get your tooth cleaned in every six months. Regular cleaning also plays a very important role to stay away from any kind of tooth decay.

The above mentioned natural cures will surely help you to prevent tooth decaying that too without spending much. Do take proper care of your teeth before all of them falls off.

Sugar Free Gums

Sugar Free Gums For Cavities

Chewing of sugar free germs can also help you to prevent tooth decaying. When you chew any gum then saliva is produced inside our mouth which helps in neutralising the acid and in turn will prevent cavities.

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