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Understanding How To Treat Stomach Ulcer

[toc]Stomach UlcerStomach ulcers can be treated in numerous ways. You need to go by the medical practitioner’s advice and follow the medication continuously even after you do not experience pain. There are also some changes required in your lifestyle. Based on the severity of the condition, the doctor comes up with the ideal treatment for stomach ulcers.

You are given antibiotics, eradication therapy, H2 receptor antagonists and other treatments based on the ailment. There are also the home remedies that come handy. However, when the pain is severe, consulting a physician is also mandatory. Learn how to treat stomach ulcer with various methods.

Tips To Treat Stomach Ulcer

Proton Pump Inhibitors

Proton Pump InhibitorsThe stomach acid is contributed by the proton pump. This is a protein and this can be blocked with the proton pump inhibitors. When the stomach acid is reduced this way, the stomach ulcer is improved greatly and this offers time for the ulcers to heal in a natural way. Lansoprazole and omeprazole are the PPIs that are used in most of the cases. These drugs can cause mild side effects and when you stop taking the drugs, these side effects go off.

Antacids And Alginates

These medications are prescribed for offering some quick relief as the other medications take a lot of time to act. The antacids work by neutralizing the stomach acid in a quick manner. The alginates offer a shielding layer of coating to the stomach wall. These can also be got over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. You can take antacids whenever you experience the pain. The alginates should be taken after meals. There are mild side effects and consulting your doctor is the best way.


SurgeryWhen these medications and the simple endoscope procedure fail to act on the ulcers, the surgical option is suggested by the doctor. The surgery takes place when there is a serious damage to the stomach wall usually when there are holes formed because of the stomach ulcers. Also, the bleeding ulcers cannot be treated with other medications. When you undergo the surgery, you should be aware of the restrictions on food. The doctor also offers various medications after the surgery.

Eradication Therapy

Two or three antibiotics are suggested in combination for treating the stomach ulcers in this therapy. The Proton Pump Inhibitor, PPI in short is also prescribed together. This is because the antibiotics alone cannot fight the infection. All the drugs are to be taken 2 times a day and the course may last long for 2 weeks. If the treatment causes allergic reactions ask the doctor for alternative drugs. If the H Pylori bacteria are still present after the medications, doctors continue the therapy.

Home Remedies

Carrot JuiceWhen you experience the pain, you can eat bananas, which offer a protective layer of coating like the antacids and alginates. You can also take the juice of raw cabbage with the juice of carrot before bedtime for 14 days. Stomach ulcers are soothed this way. Cayenne pepper brings down the pain and heals ulcers. Honey has healing properties which reduce the inflammation and also can be helpful in fighting the H pylori because of the antibacterial properties. Garlic too is rich in such properties and can fight H Pylori.

Stomach ulcers need various treatments based on the severity. To treat ulcers successfully, quitting smoking and alcohol consumption is mandatory. You can also try the home remedies suggested here and get rid of stomach ulcer effectively.