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Useful Natural Cures For Chemical Poisoning

[toc]Chemical PoisoningChemical poisoning is a state where the body accumulates a lot of toxins from the chemicals in the daily life from the external factors. The prolonged exposure causes a lot of damage to the vital organs like the liver. The severity of the problem can range from as simple as rashes on the skin to as severe as failure of the kidney.

The best you can do here as soon as the problem of chemical poisoning is detected is to adhere to some natural cures. Use any of the ones mentioned below and on a routine basis to get visible outcomes for treatment of chemical poisoning.

Natural Cures For Chemical Poisoning


Milk ThistleOne of the most efficient ways in which the chemicals accumulated in the body can be flushed out is to use some herbs to your advantage. The antiseptic properties of some herbs will give you desired results on the crisis. Use those herbs that help in cleansing the entire system. You can take a mix of licorice, milk thistle and dandelion and consume it as per the dose given by a professional. A tablespoon of this mixture three times is however recommended. Follow the idea till the problem subsides completely.

Diet Change

Brazil NutsInclude a lot of nutrient rich foods in the diet and ones that are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This will help in cleansing the system as well as give it the strength to fight the poisoning in a proper manner. Some of the foods that are highly recommended include brown rice, almonds, bananas, lentils, dates, grapes, barley, spinach, onions, and lemon, organic yogurt, Brazil nuts, carrots and more.

Apart from this, try and fast at regular intervals. This will also reduce the level of toxicity in the body and treat the chemical poisoning. Another of the diet change includes drinking plenty of plain and filtered water. This should be in the quantity of about 10 glasses each day. It will cleanse and regulate the system and is known to flush the toxins in the simplest possible manner.


Usually, pesticides are one of the major reasons for the occurrence of chemical poisoning. Hydrotherapy is one of the intelligent choices that you can make as a natural cure for the ailment. You need to prepare a bath here, to which a cup of household bleach is added. The water should be as hot as you can bear. Stay in the water till the water comes to a room temperature. Heat of the water is known to bring the toxins on the surface of the skin whereas as soon as the water cools it withdraws the chemicals and treats the problem.


SupplementsVitamin C supplement and glutathione along with garlic capsules, extracts of raw liver, protein supplements and vitamin E supplements are really helpful in treating all the emergency cases associated with chemical poisoning. As for the dose, it is best to consult a professional.

Common Fumitory

A plant that is grown and found only on waste lands, common fumitory is one that really helps in the cure of chemical poisoning. There are a lot of therapeutic benefits attached to the plant along with a lot of value as a medicine. Also known as earth smoke, this has a session of 10 days for treating the poisoning. To about a liter of water some of the crushed leaves can be added and blended. This should be taken at least 3 times in a day.

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