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Various Causes & Symptoms Of Dysentery

[toc]DysenteryDysentery is one of the very commonly occurring problems in humans. It brings along a lot of discomfort and also dehydration of the body. Starting from small babies to adults all people face this issue at some point or the other in their lives.

However, to understand the ailment better than just its definition that states intestinal inflammation it is important to have a hang on the causes and the symptoms. The list below is to help you out in knowing both the reasons and signs of dysentery to help you better.

Causes of Dysentery

Shigella Bacteria

Shigella Bacteria Shigella Bacteria

One of the major causes of dysentery comes in the form of the bacteria known as shigella bacteria. Poor hygiene is associated with the occurrence of this bacterium in the body and causing dysentery. Herein, it is found in faeces and is a major cause of the crisis. The shigella bacteria can include shigella sonnei, shigella flexneri, and shigella boydii and shigella dysenteriae.

Entamoeba Hystolitica

Where amoebic dysentery is concerned, one of the major causes is the amoeba we famously know as Entamoeba Hystolitica. Since it is mainly found in the tropical countries it is a rare cause but then definitely one that deserves to be in this list. As per the researchers, the amoeba which forms a cyst in the patient is passed through the bowels and contaminates the surroundings. Herein, any water or food that another person consumes which comes in contact with the cyst can develop the same dysentery situations for others.

Symptoms of Dysentery

Watery Stools

One of the common symptoms that are valid for both kinds of dysentery is that of watery stools that occurs more than frequently the entire day. In a lot of cases it is accompanied with a little blood or even mucus. It is a top notch symptom associated with the crisis and one that leads to a lot of discomfort in the body.

High Body Temperature

High body temperature, fever and chills are some of the words that you can connect with dysentery. These are some common signs of the problem and the fever is usually 100 degree F or more. Shivering sensations can also occur in a lot of cases. Feeling cold is another of the variation of this symptom that you might experience.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting Nausea and Vomiting

Another of the signs of dysentery that you might see yourself facing and that gives you an idea of something wrong with the intestinal tract is nausea and vomiting. You will either feel sick or have a feeling that soon you will be.

In severe situations, you might continuously vomit the entire day or till the problem subsides completely.

Pain in the Abdomen

Pain in the abdominal region is a prevalent symptom that you will undergo no matter what kind of dysentery you are facing. There might be situations when it is intolerable and you might have to adhere to professional consultation or even medications.

This might also bring along with it stomach cramps in quite some cases. When you face such a problem, seek medical help immediately.

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