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Various Common Symptoms Of Migraine

Migraine Migraine

[toc]Migraine headaches are quite a common occurrence and one that brings along severe and intolerable pains in the head. Since, the ailment is so prevalent, there is a lot of requirement of gaining knowledge about the right forms of treatment for the same. However, a treatment is only effective if done on time. To detect the problem as soon as possible, you will have to understand the symptoms associated with it. The list below is for those who want to know all the top signs and symptoms associated with migraine. Check them out and broaden your horizons about the illness.

Various Common Symptoms Of Migraine 

Mood Swings

mood swings Mood Swings

Some of the major keywords that you would be able to associate yourself with at the onset of migraine are depression, excitement or even irritation. Feeling low all of a sudden and without any reason is another sign here. This is possible with all kinds of severity of migraine and one that gives you an idea about the problem.

Lack of Proper Sleep

Are you suddenly feeling that you are not getting enough sleep and rest even after being on bed for long hours? People have a lot of trouble in either sleeping or else they get up feeling tired. Insomnia is the word that the patients with migraine can connect them with. Lack of sleep is something that will keep you within the discomfort zone till the problem subsides completely.

Sinus Signs

Stuffed nose is a symptom that comes along with migraine headaches. There are a lot of sinus signs that comes along including nasal drainage and even watery and droopy eyes. Usually the people who suffer from sinus also complain of issues of migraines. This is shown by a lot of studies and proved by professional researchers.

High Level of Cravings

There are people who crave certain specific foods just before the migraine headache is about to attack. This is one of the signs that might occur in rare people but then it is definitely one that you deserve to know about. The food cravings will differ for different individuals.

Pain In The Head

Pain In The Head Pain In The Head

You might as well experience throbbing pain in either one of the sides of the head or both. This is one common and the most prevalent signs associated with migraines. The pain is severe and one that gives you a clear idea of a migraine attack.

Experiencing Aura

One of the many symptoms of migraine headache that a lot of people complain about is that of having an aura around them. Flickering lights, lines and spots are some of the many things that you might see. It can last from as less as 5 minutes to even an hour. This is one symptom that you might face or not face depending upon person to person.

Pain in the Eyes And Neck

Eye strain and pain are some of the common issues that a lot of people complain just before a migraine headache. Usually the head pain stretches to the eyes and causes the trouble. The same goes for the neck as well. Stiffness or throbbing pain is some common terms people use in such a scenario.

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