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Various Natural Cures For Bulimia

[toc]BulimiaAs one of the eating disorders, Bulimia is a problem where a person forces themselves to eat to a level where it leads to vomiting that is self induced. As compared to men, women suffer from bulimia more as per the researchers. The condition might not be serious but prolonged stay can damage the membranes by regular vomiting and even lead to ulcers.

Apart from this, it brings a severe lack of nutrients to the body and causes weakening. To treat the condition of Bulimia, the best idea is to adhere to natural cures that give a safe and sound remedy to the problem. The idea is to follow it regularly.

Natural Cures For Bulimia

Have Plenty Of Fluids

Drink WaterBy adhering to good amounts of water as well as other healthy liquids you will be keeping the stomach full. This will help in ensuring that you do not eat much and then lead to vomiting. Have fluids at regular intervals all throughout the day. Herein, about 12 glasses of water is recommended. Apart from this, some fresh fruit juices and herbal teas can do the wonders and help you treat bulimia which is more of a psychological condition.

Physical Exercise And Meditation

MeditationAnother of the efficient remedies that can be used for the purpose of treating bulimia is to practice some exercises. This can be anything that gives you inner peace and makes you happy and satiated. Starting from something as simple as walking to jogging and even swimming to yoga and meditation, this will help you relieve the mental pressures and thus treat the eating disorder of bulimia. It will also enhance the functions of the body and give it time to repair itself of the severe symptoms as soon as possible.

Herbal Advantage

ChamomileHerbs are known to give great effects on all kinds of ailments if you pick the right one for the disease as well as follow the dose perfectly. This is also valid for bulimia. There are a lot of herbs that helps in the reduction of anxiety as well as bring some peace to the mental state of the sufferer. This helps in keeping the eating disorder away and gradually treat it from the roots.

The herbs kava-kava and St. John’s Wort are some of the top notch ones here. Chamomile and yarrow can also act as anti inflammatory herbs that help in soothing the esophagus that gets irritated because of continuous vomiting.

Essential Oils

Lavender OilAromatherapy is a great way to balance the emotions as well as bring some mental peace and relieve the stress that usually leads to disorders including bulimia. To lift the moods, jasmine, bergamot, rose oils, lemon balm and geranium oils can be used in the aromatherapy lamps available in the market.

Apart from this, to treat issues of irritation and restlessness, sandalwood, lavender, chamomile, clary sage and ylang-ylang can be used perfectly.

Take Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep and rest can be one of the major reasons that can lead to a lot of disorders and irritation along with eating problems. The best you can do here is to adhere to at least 8 hours of sleep at night. Apart from this regular rest and naps will give you best results for treating bulimia.