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8 Signs And Symptoms Of Acidity

Acidity Acidity

[toc]Acidity is a common digestive disorder in which a person suffers from different medical conditions like heartburn or constipation. You can use any name for acidity like gastro esophageal reflux disease, GERD, excess stomach acid, acid reflux or heartburn. These problems when not treated on time then they may lead to serious problems in the esophagus.

The most common reasons for acidity in the body are overeating, intake of spicy and oily meals, smoking, alcohol, stress and lack of sleep. A bout of acidity attack may be experienced when a person sleep immediately after eating a heavy meal. Some of the main signs and symptoms of acidity are discussed here:

8 Signs And Symptoms Of Acidity


Heartburn occurs when a reaction is made in the body due to the intake of spicy and heavy meal which gives a feeling of burning in the lower abdomen. Some people take it as a heart attack but it is not at all a term related to cardiac crises. A burning sensation in the abdomen is considered as a burning in the heart which sometimes rises to the chest and throat in rare cases and may call for a medical emergency.

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Loss of Appetite

The patient suffering from the problem of acidity loses appetite suddenly. The feeling of full stomach is felt which makes a person to stop eating anything. But this is not a solution as empty stomach will increase the problem of gastric in it. Light meals should be taken even if you are feeling fullness in your stomach.


Flatulence means the production of gases in the stomach. These gases are known as acid which is why the problem if called as acidity. The excess gas is passed outside the body through the rectum which gives a bad odour.The problem of flatulence puts a person in an uncomfortable position.


In belching, the gas is produced in the abdomen like in flatulence but here it comes out from the esophagus to mouth. It is also known as burping. The person feels like vomit while burping but vomiting does not take place.


When excessive acid is formed in the body and it reacts with problems like stress, fear and anxiety then the problem of nausea originates. The feeling of vomit or expel the ingested contents is felt. Nausea is very irritating as the patient can’t understand as what is happening inside the body.

Feeling of Early Surfeit

The feeling of surfeit or satiety arises too early while eating anything. This problem is felt when there is acid indigestion in the body which makes a person to stop eating more although he/she has taken meal in too less quantity.

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When the problem of acidity becomes severe then it leads to vomiting. Vomiting occurs when the problem of acidity is because of excessive eating, excessive intake of liquor, addition to alcoholic beverages and smoking in excess. This is because all such habits lead to formation of gases in the stomach and leads to vomiting.

Pain in the Chest

Chest pain is caused most of the time due to the formation of acid that expels to the esophagus. This type of pain subsides in few minutes in most of the cases while in some cases it become intense which calls the need of medical emergency. Some people also think that it is a sign of heart attack which is wrong. But be cautious as any type of chest pain should not be ignored.

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