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10 Excellent Natural Cures For Pimples

[toc]Pimple or Acne Vulgaris is one of the main factors that make the social life of many teenagers and even adults miserable. Pimples on face and other exposed skin parts certainly destroy one’s self esteem, and act as a black mark on his/her appearance.

10 Natural Cures For Pimples

Though pimples are normal skin condition affecting many people, the occurrence of them at very inconvenient times can be really dismal.Though there are many acne creams, lotions and other drugs that put across tall claims in treating pimple, you can cure them naturally, with things around your house. These natural cures for pimples will not only help you in removing painful acne and zits, but also provide you with youthful and healthy skin tone. Let’s have a look at some of these natural cures for pimples.

10 Best Natural Cures For Pimples

Below are discussed some commonly available ingredients that can be used as effective natural remedies for pimples. These pimple remedies are natural and hence can be tried without any fear of unpleasant side-effects.

Baking Soda

This humble and simple ingredient from the kitchen shelve does a great job in curing pimples. Blend equal parts of baking soda and water to form a paste and dab it on pimples. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes and rinse off. It effectively lessens inflammation and cures painful zits and acne.

Baking Soda1

Even people with sensitive skin can opt for this natural cure for pimples. Besides curing pimples, baking soda also works on previous marks and scars and diminishes their appearance. It also works as a great exfoliant and removes dead skin cells and keeps your skin healthy and clean.

Lemon Juice Therapy

This is another uncomplicated and easily available natural ingredient for pimple treatment. Lemon and freshly squeezed lemon juice act as great natural acne remedy thanks to the presence of citric acid, which is effective in eliminating acne-causing bacteria. You can either dab a few drops of lemon juice over the acne, or gently rub a piece of lemon over the affected area.

Lemon Juice1

Lemon juice keeps oily skin fresh and non-greasy, and prevents further breakouts. The astringent properties in lemon help in lessening blemishes and spots. Citric acid is a reputed natural bleaching agent, and hence your skin will get benefitted with enhanced complexion. You can even blend lemon juice with ground nut oil, if your skin is slightly dry.

Potato Remedy

Applying juice from freshly grated potato or rubbing cut pieces of raw potato over pimples and zits will effectively reduce them and prevent further breakouts.

Potato for pimples

Potato contains anti-inflammatory agents and hence heals painful acne. You can leave the potato juice on skin overnight and wash off with warm water in the morning.

Ice Treatment

Rubbing the affected areas of your skin with ice cubes is considered to be great in curing inflammation and closing pores. Ice cubes tightens the blood vessels underneath the skin and makes unpleasant large pores less visible.

Ice Treatment

It effectively reduces swelling and acts as an effective natural cure for pimples.

Green Tea

Sipping herbal teas are great in fighting skin infections and diseases including pimples. Drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea per day is very good for overall health. Ice cubes made out of green tea is also effective in treating pimples. The antioxidant properties of green tea effectively fight free radicals and cures skin infections.

Green Tea1

The astringent properties contained in green tea makes your skin blemish free and smooth. You can even add green tea leaves in your favorite facial masks to make it an effective anti-pimples facial mask.


Honey is a commonly found ingredient in many commercially available cosmetics that claim to be natural. Pure organic honey can be very useful in treating many skin conditions, especially acne. The antibacterial properties of honey effectively ward off pimple-causing bacteria. Dab a few drops of honey on each zits, or gently rub honey all over the face and let it stay on your skin overnight.

honey for pimples

You will be amazed to find considerable reduction in the appearance of pimples and inflammation the next morning. Clearer complexion can be achieved by adding honey into other skin-friendly ingredients and facial masks. You can even enhance the effectiveness of honey by blending it with cinnamon powder or grated apple.


This popular kitchen spice is very useful in naturally curing pimples. Alliccin and sulfur contained in garlic encourage the healing process.

garlic for pimples

The antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic and antioxidant agents in this spice give additional benefits to problem skin, and cures pimples pretty fast. Cut pieces of garlic can be gently rubbed on the affected skin areas to get the desired results. Ingesting garlic also prevents further breakouts and inflammation.

Steam Pimples Away

Steaming is an essential part in many beauty therapies. It gives adequate results in making your skin fresh and clean, since it drives away dirt and impurities that are accumulated in skin layers. Steaming the affected area helps in opening up the pores and getting rid of excess oil and grime.

Steam Pimples Away

Wiping your face and other affected areas with a clean towel soaked and compressed in warm water will also give the desired results. Steaming can be done twice a week, since excessive steaming might turn your skin dry.

Non-Oily And Vitamin–Rich Diet

Having a healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and cereals are great in giving you a problem-free and healthy skin. Stay away from fried and oily delicacies, since they promote further breakouts and make your skin excessively oily. Junk food, spicy and sweet treats should also be avoided. Nourishing your skin with vitamins is essential in getting a blemish-free and pimple-free skin.

Vitamin Rich Diet

Include lots of carrots in your diet to improve skin tone. Vitamin A in carrots will definitely reinforce the shielding tissue of the skin. It does a great job in diminishing sebum production, and repairing the tissues. Applying carrot juice or carrot pulp on skin will aid in brightening up the face and clearing away pimples.


Papaya is great in clearing away blemishes and pimples. The enzyme contained in papaya fruit called papain, antioxidants and vitamin A helps in fighting off inflammation and acne-causing bacteria, besides nourishing skin. Rubbing fresh pulp of papaya fruit helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin smooth and supple. It promotes purification of skin pores and avoids clogging.

papapya for pimples

These natural cures for pimples are not wonder remedies that will work overnight. You need to patiently pursue these remedies for at least a month to get the desired results.

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