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7 Ways To Treat Pimples Effectively

Ways To Treat Pimples Effectively

[toc]Pimples are a common problem faced by most young boys and girls and the worst part of it is that pimples can leave really ugly marks on your skin if not treated properly. Pimples are majorly caused due to stress and long term exposure to dirt. The bacteria and dirt inside these pores of the skin cause pimples to grow on either on the face or on the other parts of the body. 

Pimples can turn big and can be really painful if not properly treated on time. It should never be neglected and proper care should be taken in order to treat it effectively. Though nowadays there are various skin ointments and medicines available in order to cure pimples but it is best to use effective natural home remedies to cure it as it is a much safer option and does not have any side effects.

7 Effective Ways To Treat Pimples

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Plenty Of Water For Pimples

In order to treat pimples effectively it is very important to drink plenty of water. Drink at least 2 – 3 litres of water every day as it helps to keep you hydrated all the time and also helps to flush out the toxin materials out of the body. Carry a bottle of water wherever you go so that you can drink it at regular intervals. Drinking sufficient amount of water daily helps you to treat pimples completely and keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

Avoid Stress And Have Good Sleep

Proper Sleep For Pimples

As stress is one of the major cause for pimples so it is important that you have a stress free sound sleep every night in order to treat and cure pimples completely. Try to avoid stress and keep yourself calm and relaxed as much as possible. Sleep at least 7 – 8 hours every day as a good sleep would reduce your stress to a great extent and keep you healthy and would also help you to treat your pimples much faster.

Mild Soap Or Cleanser

Cleanser For Pimples

Wash your face either with mild soap or a cleanser twice daily. It is very important to keep your skin clean and dirt free in order to treat pimples completely. You can even use a good herbal face wash to cleanse your skin gently. Never use too much face wash or cleanser as it might cause serious damage to the pimples instead of curing it. Try and keep your skin, especially your face, as clean as possible as it is the best and the simplest way to treat your pimples.

Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice

Another immediate and effective remedy to treat pimples overnight is to apply lemon juice. Lemon juice can do wonders and can cure the pimples really fast. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and apply on the pimple or the pimple affected area and leave it for a couple of hours. The acid in the lemon juice is very effective as it kills the bacteria and dries up the pimples really fast. This remedy is considered to be one of the best remedy to treat pimples faster.

Ice Pack

Ice Pack For Pimples

Another effective home remedy for treating pimples is to apply ice pack on the pimple affected areas. The ice pack helps to reduce swelling and the redness that is associated with the pimples. Sometimes ice packs are so effective that it can completely eliminate the pimples from your face, but you have to be patient and follow this remedy regularly in order to receive the best results.

Avoid Oily And Fried Food

Do Not Eat Fried Food

It is important that you avoid very oily or fried food in order to treat pimples successfully. Fried foods have plenty of toxins which block the pores of the skin, as a result the skin becomes prone to pimples. Try to avoid fried and oily foods as much as possible and instead have plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as they keep your body healthy and skin glowing and pimple free.

Tomato Juice, Camphor Lotion And Honey

Tomato Juice & Honey For Pimples

Applying a homemade mixture of half-teaspoon of tomato juice, camphor lotion and honey can effectively treat pimples to a considerable extent. Apply this mixture on the pimple affected areas and leave it for a few hours and then wash your face gently.

All the three ingredients of the mixture act as very good cleansing agents and therefore cure pimples overnight. Apply this mixture regularly on the affected skin and you can soon find the remarkable difference. Follow these 7 effective home remedies regularly and get a completely pimple free glowing skin.

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