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10 Little Known Sexual Dysfunction Facts

Sexual Dysfunction Facts[toc]Sex is definitely one of those aspects in a person’s life that strongly affects the life and their most intimate relationship. However, there are a lot of them among the population who suffers from sexual problems also known as sexual dysfunction. There can be different crises faced by both the sexes and in most of the cases; people are still unaware about the facts.

This is valid for both men and women and is highly advisable that you should be aware about. The final point is that the guide below gives you top 10 sexual dysfunction facts that are still not known on a large scale and should be checked out: –

Sexual Dysfunction Facts

Orgasm Check

According to researchers, approximately 10 percent of the global population of women never had an orgasm. They never experienced a climax and the experience of gratifying sex. It is a true fact and backed by proper research that a lot of women do not actually know how it feels like to have an orgasm.

Issues Of Premature Ejaculation

Female Sexual Dysfunction

Well again, premature ejaculation is a common problem in men, but did you have any idea that about 21 percent of the men’s population in the world undergoes this situation? This is one fact that quite less number of people know about. This means almost a quarter of the world’s population of men have issues of premature ejaculation.

Low Libido Factor

Foods To Increase Libido For WomenAnother fact that should be known of is that about 5 percent of men in the total count experience low sexual desires. As for women, the percent shoots up to 22 percent where libido issues are concerned. This only shows that women have more issues of low sexual desires as compared to men.

The Intercourse Pain

Out of every three women, two of them experience painful intercourses at some point of their lives. This is quite a major ratio of women who undergoes pains during sex. This makes it quite discomforting for the fairer sex.

Vaginal Lubrication

Vaginal SweatingFor those women who are in their breastfeeding stage, issues of vaginal lubrication have been seen. It is very common that the lubrication is inadequate among these women. The percentage of lactating women having a lack of lubrication is quite prevalent.

Treatment Of Dysfunction

visit a doctorIn women, the success rate for the treatment of any form of sexual dysfunction is about 65 to 85 percent. This is the percent that can be considered only when the cure is carried on by sex therapists and professionals.

Sexual Problems In Men

About 31 percent of men only in the country of America have some or the other form of sexual problems. The rate of sexual dysfunction is quite high in the country as compared to others.

Rate Of Sexual Problems In Women

Sexual IntercourseAbout 43 percent of the American women are under the influence of some or the other kind of sexual problems. Well again, it is one of the highest percentages when compared with any other country of the world.

Postmenopausal Factor

Post-MenopauseA decrease in the libido a.k.a. sexual desire is seen in about 15 percent of the women who are in their postmenopausal stage. This is something that quite less number of women is aware of.

Levels Of Androgen

The level of androgen in women falls drastically during the time and after the menopausal period. This is about 50 percent of the total secretion that a woman used to experience. This is a hormone that is responsible for development and maintenance of masculine characters. However, no connection has been found out yet between this fall of hormone secretion and low levels of libido in menopausal women.

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