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10 Most Effectual Natural Cures For Tonsillitis


[toc]A sore throat is not all there is to tonsillitis. Your child will feel drained, miserable and sick because this condition usually causes a lot of pain. The ‘bulb-like’ bits present at the back of the throat are called tonsils. When viral or bacterial infection overwhelms these tonsils, it gives rise to the problem of tonsillitis.

This condition occurs as a part of pharyngitis, a throat infection and the tonsils become covered in white spots, inflamed and swollen as well. However, tonsils don’t prove to be a problem on their own and can be treated using these simple and effectual home remedies-

10 Natural Cures For Tonsillitis

Citrus Fruits

When people suffering from tonsillitis are hungry, it is best to eat foods that strengthen the immune system. A great idea is to eat citrus fruits or any nutritious soups.

Citrus Fruits For Tonsillitis

The healing process is slowed down because of processed foods, dairy items and sugar so they should be avoided. The patients should be kept warm and encouraged to rest. Stacking up videos is a good idea in this situation.

Essential Oils

A humidifier should be used overnight, especially one that comprises of bergamot, tea tree, lavender, camphor or eucalyptus essential oils

because they aid in keeping the airways and throat clear and moist and also assists in swallowing.

Essential Oils For Tonsillitis


Use warm salt water to gargle three times a day. The throat will be soothed and the pain will be alleviated with the use of warm water. The germs that are trapped in the lymph gland can be eliminated with the help of salt.

Gargle For Tonsillitis

An antiseptic mouthwash should be used by those individuals who have swollen tonsils with white spots and they should gargle with it three times a day. Swollen tonsils can also be cured when people gargle with warm water that’s mixed with fenugreek seeds.

Banafsha Flowers

Milk should be added with 12 g of banafsha flowers. After boiling, the milk should be filtered out. Tonsil and throat infections can be relieved if people drink this filtered milk after boiling.

Apart from that, in the above process, the banafsha flower extracts are filtered out. They can also be used by people for a gentle massage of the throat before they go to sleep.

Banafsha Flowers For Tonsillitis


It is recommended that people should prepare a past of turmeric roots in hot water because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties possessed by turmeric. The paste should then be applied onto the throat.

Turmeric For Tonsillitis

What people need is a glass of hot milk, add ½ teaspoon of black pepper, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and mix all these ingredients together. This mixture should be consumed by people slowly before going to bed.

Dried Figs

The harshness and the pain associated with tonsillitis can be reduced with the help of boiled and dried figs because they are very effective.

These figs should be mashed by people and a spoon of honey should be used in consuming them. Fresh figs can also be mashed and then mixed with honey. The healing process can be speeded up if the child suffering from tonsillitis eats them at least once every day.

Dried Figs For Tonsillitis

Onion and Ginger

The best home remedies for a variety of diseases are ginger and onion juice and they are effective for tonsillitis as well.

The pain in the throat can be reduced with the help of these juices as they are often used for gargling.

Onion & Ginger For Tonsillitis

Fenugreek Seeds

Water should be used for boiling the fenugreek seeds. In order to get relief from the problem of tonsillitis, people should use this resulting mixture for the purpose of gargling.

However, it is essential that this mixture be allowed to cool down before it is used as a gargle.

Fenugreek Seeds To Get Relief From Tonsillitis


Hot water and powdered mustard should be mixed together to form a solution. This solution can then be used by people for rinsing the throat.

Mustard For Tonsillitis

The germs that are causing the problem and pain in the throat can be cleaned with the aid of this mixture.

Lemon and Honey

Another of the great remedies that are used for relieving infection and pain in the throat is a mixture of honey and lime juice, which is prepared in hot water. The mixture can also be enhanced by adding a pinch of salt in it. 1 glass of lukewarm water should be taken. A pinch of salt should be added to it, along with 2 tablespoon of honey and a ½ lemon should be squeezed in it.

Lemon And Honey For Tonsillitis

All of these items should be mixed together. This mixture should then be consumed by people suffering from tonsillitis. It is recommended to take this mixture twice a day for obtaining the best results.

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