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10 Simple Measures On How To Cure Herpes

[toc]Herpes is known by many names and herpes simplex virus or HSV is one of the most common forms of the same. Apart from this, the herpes is also known as cold sores and it can occur on the mouth too. Though it is a sexually transmitted viral infection, this is only restricted to the genital forms of herpes.


You can see herpes as eruptions or sores around the mouth, genital area and other parts of the body too. Remember that you should not scratch or itch the area as it will only aggravate the problem. Inflammation and redness may occur too, but these symptoms subside with the right treatment. Here are some remedies and tips on curing herpes:

10 Effective Ways To Cure Herpes


There are various kinds of antiviral drugs available these days which can help you reduce the symptoms and pain associated with herpes. It should be remembered that they may not exactly cure the problem from the root and you would need to get ample rest for treating the same. But these medications can help you get rid of the herpes above the skin’s level and reduce risk of passing it on to others.

Some of the most common remedies here include Acyclovir or Zovirax,  Famciclovir and Famvir along with Valacyclovir or Valtrex. Along with this, there are various other medications available for reducing pain like aspirin, ibuprofen and acetaminophen.



There are many over the counter ointments available these days to reduce the symptoms of herpes and provide respite from inflammation and redness. These contain propolis that is basically a resinous element taken from the buds of trees or even beehives.

It helps in healing all symptoms associated with herpes lesions. On an average one has to apply this ointment for at least 10 days though doctors may suggest using it for a month or above to heal the problem completely.


Keep The Area Dry

The area affected by herpes should be wiped regularly with warm water, but you should remember this should be only while soaking. Else the area should be kept very dry.

Herpes grows more frequently in humid and wet areas, this in turn aggravates other symptoms associated with herpes too. So try to opt for Epsom salt baths to help the area dry up faster. Avoid harsh soaps.

epsom bath in tub

Right Clothing

Over the years, research has proven that the right kind of clothing helps to prevent herpes. Basically loose and breathable clothing, preferably organic or pure cotton is highly suggested. When it comes to genital herpes, only cotton underwear should be used that is comfortable and loose.

Tight and non cotton clothing will only make the problem worse. These aggravate the symptoms of genital herpes leading to worsening of the problem. Also wash and dry your inner in the sunlight to kill bacteria and virus, but make sure they are not very rough and cause more friction.


Best Home Remedies For Herpes
How To Treat Herpes
How To Prevent Herpes

Baking Soda And Corn flour

It has been seen that commercial talcum powders do dry up herpes, but the harsh chemicals in them, which might make the problem worse.

However, natural ingredients like baking soda or even corn flour or corn starch do dry up the herpes, but do not lead to any chemical reactions or side effects. So use the batter with some water to make a paste and then let it dry. Repeat twice a day for best results.

baking soda

Cold Tea Bags

Cold tea bags or even application of cold tea leaves (wrapped in muslin cloth) has been known for healing the herpes in the area. It helps to cool down the inflammation and provides respite.It is best to use simply black tea here because it contains tannins that help in treating herpes.

Remember that you should always heat the bags in water first, then cool it down in refrigerator or freezer before application.

tea bags

Ice Packs

Ice too works well on healing herpes and prevents it from getting worse. But remember that you should make sure that you pat dry the area post every ice application.

You can also apply ice bags if you want to avoid water trickling down the same. The process usually takes 15 minutes and can be repeated 4-5 times a day for best results. Cold water application is not the same as ice packs so avoid it.


Diet Changes

Changes in the diet are highly suggested for avoiding the recurrence of herpes and also to prevent and treat them. Foods that are rich in lysine like dairy, fish or even sprouts or chicken are suggested. For vegetarians, green veggies are highly suggested.

Opt for Vitamin C rich foods that contain Bioflavonoids or Zinc as these help to repair and heal the skin. Oranges and lemons are your best bet here, though other fruits like Indian gooseberries and veggies like broccoli can be consumed.


Manuka Honey

Compared to regular honey, Manuka honey is suggested for healing herpes. This is a native honey from New Zealand and you can consume and apply the same.

This honey is rich in antibacterial and anti-viral properties, which helps to dry out the area. You may have a sticky feeling for a while but HSV lesions are healed very fast through this process. All that you have to do is take spoons of the same and apply generously on the area.


Aloe Vera

A quick and easily available remedy for herpes would be aloe vera. It should be remembered that you should apply the gel directly on the area for best results, especially in case of skin outbreaks. Aloe gel can be applied at least 2-4 times in a day.

You can apply the gel and let the area dry out. Remember that gels and ointments that have aloe vera may not really provide you with effective results here. This happens because a lot of the natural goodness is cut out. If a dermatologist is suggesting an aloe based lotion, then you can surely try the same.

aloeveragelThese are some simple and easy remedies for treating herpes, but do remember to avoid exposure to the sun and pollution as it will make the problem worse!

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