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How To Treat Herpes

[toc]Treatment procedure of herpes can be found out from it’s outbreaks. Conventional medicine also speaks about the same. You can either use some topical creams to treat herpes or simply adopt the oral medications. Many physicians can also suggest some anti-viral drugs to remove herpes.


Treatment of herpes must be done starting from the point of it’s outbreak. Some doctors prefer providing some low doses of antiviral drugs in order to treat the reason from the root. In many cases, it has been proved that applying creams and drugs could only reduce some outbreaks. Let us have a look at how to treat herpes.

5 Tips To Treat Herpes

Creams And Diet

Oral herpes can be treated with creams and pain killers. It is possible to get rid of herpes by keeping the body clean to avoid recurring of the disease very often. Milk, chicken, beans and fishes that are high in lysine and low in arginine help to treat herpes. Applying the ointment regularly and maintain the diet properly can help to treat herpes correctly. You can speak to your doctor for further assistance.



Honey is a natural extract used for treating herpes. According to a survey, a group of 16 herpes infected adults were provided with the treatment through honey. Even it has proved to be more effective as compared to the anti-viral drugs. The research also shows positive result in healing labial herpes.

Even, this natural procedure of treating genital herpes is 59 percent better than the treatment through the drug – acyclovir. Honey also reduces the pain and the crusting in the herpes infected patients.



An essential amino acid in human body named lysine is very effective in treating herpes. This amino acid helps in producing antibodies, hormones and enzymes inside the body of an individual which in turn helps to treat the main reason of the herpes from the root.

According to certain medical trials, if an individual takes lysine in high dose, he can avoid the recurrence of the herpes outbreak. Even the duration of the herpes outbreaks can be minimized with the proper use of lysine.


Home Remedy

A compress with a hot tea bag over the ulcers helps in soothing the ulcers. A cold compress of ice is also very effective in treating herpes.  The juice from the Aloe Vera plant gives relief from itching and healing the sore skin. Epsom salt bath helps in drying up the blisters caused due to herpes.

The application of lemon juice on the infected areas helps in reducing the swelling. Garlic is known to be a wonderful antibiotic which destroys both the types of herpes virus properly.

Tea Bag


There are some herbs and vitamins like lysine, algae, lavender, myrrh and sage which are found as plants and are extremely effective in the treatment of herpes. These natural treatments help in reducing the chances of recurrence, relieving symptoms and living with the infection for a long time. They have no side effects. The aim of treatment for herpes is to give relief from the discomfort of the herpes sores. Also, it should reduce the time of recurrence of the disease.

Herpes virus remains in the body for a long period. Removing the herpes by proper treatment helps an individual to lead a healthy sexual life without spreading the virus to others further.


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