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11 Best Natural Cures For High Blood Sugar

[toc]Amongst the 21 million Americans who are diabetic about 90 to 95% have type2 diabetes or high blood sugar. When insulin is not produced in sufficient quantity the sugar level in the cells go up. This sugar level needs to be monitored properly or it may affect the various organs of the body. Usually diabetes is controlled by putting the patient on a balanced diet and altering his lifestyle. Sometimes oral pills and insulin are also administered; in addition to that at times patients also like to explore natural supplements.

High Blood Sugar

However when trying natural supplements it is very important to inform your physician as some of these natural ingredients might interact with your medicines and could lead to hypoglycemia. Nature always is said to have the best cure but one has to implement some caution here. Some of the herbs that can help include-

11 Natural Cures For High Blood Sugar


Ginseng, especially the North American variety improves blood sugar control. Moreover Ginseng is also used to improve glycosylated hemoglobin which is responsible for controlling the glucose content of the blood.  So Ginseng is considered to be a wonderful supplement by most people in controlling high blood sugar levels.


From Your Garden

Leafy plants like bay leaves, oregano, thyme, etc. help reduce high blood sugar levels. There are certain herbs that also contain magnesium supplements and their daily dose also helps in dealing with insulin resistance. Fasting glucose levels can also be lowered with a regular dose of Magnesium. Remember that these leafy plants are easily available and are a great way to keep your sugar in control.



Some of you may wonder why blood sugar levels are higher in the morning. It is said that drinking a cup of cinnamon tea will definitely lower the blood sugar level early in the morning. Moreover the use of cinnamon in your cooking can definitely lower your blood sugar levels after a heavy meal.

It not only reduces blood sugar levels but is also significant in reducing triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol. You can have more of cinnamon in your meals or you can also have it in tea or just a spoon with water in the morning.



It is proved beyond doubt that Gymnema reduces blood sugar levels and you should not take it without proper medical supervision of health care experts. You can have the same in form of tea or even as supplements, if the natural form of this is not available. This too enters the blood streams and helps combat the increasing sugar level and creates an internal balance too.


Gourd Juice

The juice of both gourd and bitter gourd have cleansing properties, which helps to keep sugar levels in check. The juice of either should be taken in the morning or with breakfast. Add some black pepper to it for taste, which again helps to curb increased levels of sugar too.

Bitter Gourd Juice

Fenugreek Seeds

These seeds are truly a bliss for those who suffer from high levels of blood sugar. Soak these seeds overnight and then consume the same in morning. The seeds too have a bitter taste but cleanse and purify the blood, which in turn helps to lower blood sugar levels in the body.



Apart from it you should foods that contain good sources of Zinc are fresh oysters, pecans, egg yolk, split peas, beef, liver, almonds, walnuts, sardines and chicken. A regular supplement of Zinc will go a long way in producing and storing insulin. When Zinc is used in combination with a regular diet and exercise regimen you may find that you have been cured of the disease. You can also have zinc supplements if the doctor advises the same.


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is widely used as a soothing gel which helps in healing wounds and other skin problems but recent studies have found that a daily dose of aloe Vera gel reduces high blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin levels. Aloe Vera can be consumed in raw forms or gel forms as you get up from bed. This helps to cleanse the system along with providing a detoxifying affect on the body.

Aloe Vera Gel

Diet Changes

Eat a fruit in the morning.  Most people start of their day with tea or coffee, but it is suggested that you start off your day by having a fruit like banana, or apple. This will help you break the night long fast, and get the body metabolism running. A healthy diet should include a well balanced meal comprising of fibers, vitamins, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other similar requirements of the body.

The requirement of food for each individual differs on the basis of physical activity, biological conditions and even mental stress. So you should eat food which your body requires like pregnant women need more nutrition at these times. You can consult a nutritionist for this and work out a diet.



Apart from the above, there are a variety of exercises that should be done on a regular basis. One of them is walking, which is known to really control the levels of high sugar. It works on the entire body, improves circulation and aids in weight loss.

You can also add some yoga postures to the walking routine. Yoga works internally to heal the body and organs. It is one of the best known ways of controlling sugar levels. Think of asanas like padmasana, sarvangasana and even halasan.


Eat Small Portions At Regular Intervals

You should not keep the body deprived of food for very long intervals. This would only result in the body depositing more fats, and storing them, due to the fear of not getting ample food. Eat small portions. Focus on eating smaller but frequent meals. Smaller portions ensure that your body gets food to keep its metabolism running, while you don’t have an overdose of the same.

Eat At Fixed Times

These are some simple and natural remedies for high blood sugar, which you can try at home and keep sugar and related problems at bay in the long run. And do forget to monitor the sugar levels to see the beneficial results.

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