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14 Excellent Home Remedies For Motion Sickness

[toc]Motion sickness is believed to be caused when the body’s balance is overwhelmed by contradictory signals to the brain from the eyes and ears. This results in sweating, hyperventilation, nausea, light-headedness, vomiting and hyperventilation. Also known as travel sickness, car sickness or sea sickness, this is an ailment that frequently impacts people who travel by water, land and sometimes, by air. Motion sickness must be prevented, as it takes some time to cure this condition once an individual is affected by nausea.

Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is accompanied by increased saliva production, which protects the teeth and gums from stomach acids in the event that the nausea cannot be quelled and the person vomits. When one starts to feel nauseous or light-headed it is important to control motion sickness immediately to prevent vomiting and discomfort throughout the journey. One can administer an effective medicine for motion sickness using the list of home remedies below.

14 Best Home Remedies For Motion Sickness


If you are unsure how to cure motion sickness, drink lemon juice with a few drops of ginger and a teaspoon of honey in warm water about half an hour before traveling to prevent motion sickness. Ginger aids digestion of any prior meals and helps to quell nausea by absorbing acids in the stomach and soothing it.

Directly consuming a small piece of ginger is not recommended as it could be too strong and causes stomach burning. Ginger tea or sugar coated ginger candy or powder works as both, motion sickness prevention tonic as well as a remedy.



Lemons can also prevent as well as control the sensation of nausea and motion sickness. Cut about two lemons into small wedges and carry in an easily accessible bag for your trip. Suck the wedges if you are feeling nauseous or queasy. Lemonade or lemon flavored candy is also recommended as an effective remedy for motion sickness.



Crackers taste good, are light on the stomach and prevent motion sickness. Nibble on these easily digestible snacks during your journey to satisfy your hunger pangs and prevent car sickness caused by eating junk or overeating heavy foods. You are more prone to nausea and motion sickness if you are on an empty stomach.



Peppermint candies or lozenges are a good motion sickness medicine for the symptoms that occur during a car journey or a cruise on choppy waters. If you feel queasy, dizzy, uncomfortable or have a headache suck on a few peppermints. This freshens up your mouth as well as reduces nausea and sickness due to constant movement.

Peppermint is composed of compounds that soothe the stomach lining and ease nausea. An alternative to lozenges is a drop of peppermint oil on the tongue about fifteen minutes before a trip. Peppermint tea consumed about a half hour before a trip also prevents motion sickness.


Avoid Greasy Foods

If you are planning a trip by road, air or ship, it is best to avoid eating greasy foods before or during the trip to prevent travel sickness occurring. Avoid fatty foods, junk food, chips, aerated drinks and caffeinated drinks for at least five hours before you travel and during the trip.

Junk Food

Breathing Exercises

Nausea or discomfort can be temporarily stemmed by taking deep slow breaths that calm the body and mind enough to take appropriate measure or medications to prevent motion sickness. Practice breathing exercises every day and repeat in the car, bus, train or ship during your journey to quell nausea.

deep breathing

Herbal Tea

Caffeinated beverages and sodas must be avoided as far as possible to prevent acidity building up in the stomach. Herbal tea is a potent cure for motion sickness as it settles the stomach, prevents vomiting and cures the burning sensation leading to motion sickness.

Green tea, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, and ginger tea are effective remedies. Chamomile is an effective herb used in tea preparation to alleviate indigestion, stomach cramping and colic as well as relieving stress and anxiety. Chamomile tea works well as motion sickness medicine as it prevents digestive upsets due to nervousness and anxiety.

ginger tea

Pick A Comfortable Seat

If possible, try to book  window seats or at an area where the ride is smooth and motion is less likely to be felt. Ask for an aisle seat on a plane or train and a window seat in a bus.

The fresh air will do you good and prevent motion sickness from overwhelming you. On a ship, ask for a cabin towards the center of the vessel where the ruling is not very apparent.



Fennel is an herb used to calm stomach upsets, nausea, acidity and is an excellent remedy for motion sickness. Fennel tea consumed before a trip, or fennel seeds nibbled on a trip can help prevent motion sickness and nausea. One can also consume fennel in the form of capsules.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper offers an individual relief from digestive upsets, nausea, acidity and muscle cramps. Prepare herbal tea with ginger and cayenne to sip during your journey. To prepare the tea, grate an inch of ginger root, add a dash of cayenne pepper, pour boiling water over the herb mixture.

Steep the herbal blend for about five minutes. Pour hot liquid through a strainer and store in a glass. Sip the tea about a half hour before departure and take small sips during the journey to quell nausea and motion sickness. Sweeten the concoction with honey if desired. Cayenne has long been used in the treatment of digestive disorders and is a very effective remedy for car sickness.

Cayenne Pepper

Licorice Root

This medicinal herb has anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the mucus membranes of the stomach helping to prevent travel sickness and queasiness. Do not licorice if you are diabetic, suffer from hypertension or are pregnant. You can suck licorice candy, chew a little licorice or drink licorice tea.

Licorice Root

Black salt

Oranges rubbed over with black salt prevents nausea, motion sickness and discomfort caused by motion sickness. One can also use tomatoes or lemon to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness.

Black Salt


Powdered cinnamon mixed with Honey is an effective remedy for sea sickness or car sickness. An alternative treatment is to drink milk boiled with cinnamon to stop nausea and vomiting. Cinnamon spice aids digestion and soothes the stomach muscles preventing motion sickness.


Black Horehound

Often used to treat stomach ailments, this perennial herb is used to treat symptoms of motion sickness. It contains volatile oils that are used to treat anxiety and uneasiness that is caused as a result of nervousness.

One or two spoons of dried horehound can quell nausea and act as an effective natural medicine for motion sickness. You can use these simple and effective home remedies for relief from travel sickness or motion sickness.

Black Horehound

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