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5 Amazing Natural Cures For Shingles

Natural Cure To Shingles

[toc]Shingles is an infection which is caused by the herpes varicella zoster virus which is also responsible for causing chicken pox. This type of infection affects the nerves and the area of skin around it. It leads to painful and itchy rashes and blisters in severe cases. In addition to pain in the affected area, sometimes there can be severe nerve pain as well.

Other symptoms of shingles include fever, headache, tiredness, memory loss and a bad stomach. Shingles usually occurs in older people, who are above 50 years of age because of stress conditions and lowered immune status. The scars and marks of the blisters will come down within a month but only if you don’t pop or scratch them out.

Stay away from children or other older people who have low immunity because the risk of spreading the infection is maximum in these diseases. The infection gradually goes away by two to three weeks but sometimes doctors may prescribe antiviral drug therapy. If you want your symptoms to disappear sooner than that, you should try out natural cures which will accelerate the repair process. Here are some natural remedies for shingles:

5 Natural Ways To Cure Shingles

Cold Application

Cold Application For Shingles

Cold treatment is ideal to treat burning blisters. Cold will also help in managing the pain. It will bring down the burning and itchy sensation. Wrap a towel loosely around the affected region and pour some ice cold water over it.

Leave it on for about 20 minutes until the towel begins to get warm. You can repeat this treatment about 3 to 4 times a day. You can also wrap some ice in a towel and gently press the affected area. However, remember not to apply cold directly or to press them too hard.

Relax And Get Sufficient Rest

Proper Rest For Shingles

Make sure you get adequate amount of rest when you are experiencing the symptoms. If you exert yourself, there is a chance that you will aggravate your condition. Just lay in bed and if you’re feeling cold, you can wrap a blanket around yourself. It is also important to relax and reduce stress levels.

Try listening to soft music, meditating or engaging in things that you keep you occupied. If you get your mind off it, the pain won’t be of that much importance. In such situations, calming yourself really helps.


Antidepressant Reduce Shingles

Shingles normally causes depression, mostly at light levels. Even if you aren’t depressed, you could try low doses of antidepressants. Such drugs block the neurotransmitters from reaching to your brain. Thus, pain signals are blocked and you won’t feel much pain.

It is quite effective to lighten your stressed mood as life. It is a great remedy to help you cope with the irritating pain and itchy condition. If you are allergic to any drug or have other medical conditions, you must consult your doctor before taking such pills.

Don’t Pop The Blisters

Antiseptic Cream Reduce Shingles

This is an important part of the healing process. Most people are likely to pop the blisters either without their knowledge or due to the itchy sensation. You could be spreading the infection to other parts of your body if you pop the blisters.

Keep them clean by rubbing antiseptic cream over them several times a day. If you break them, you could also cause delayed healing and scarring on those areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar For Shingles

This is proven to be a useful shingles treatment. Take water and apple cider vinegar in the ratio 1:1. If you wish to have it more concentrated, you can go upto the ratio of 1:4. Now soak a cotton cloth in this mixture and apply it gently on the blisters. Repeat this several times in a day and you can see a reduction in pain and irritation.

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