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5 Best Home Remedies For Straight Hair

[toc]Hair, just like skin and body is an essential part of the entire personality and being of a person. Hair not only has some important functions to perform, but it also has the power to affect the attraction of men and women. With growing consciousness in people, more and more are ready to put in efforts in safe and simple remedies to keep the hair and skin healthy and attention grabbing.

Straight Hair

There are many women from the lot as well as some men who desire to keep the hair straight. Using hair straighteners is not a permanent solution and can damage the hair. Therefore, these home remedies below will help you out perfectly to get through the goals.

5 Home Remedies For Straight Hair

Use Coconut Milk

Extract fresh coconut milk by grating coconut and pressing it. This milk can be applied evenly on the hair and scalp and left for at least 5-10 minutes to show results. There are high levels of nutrients in this liquid that is known for straight hair and therefore proves to be a perfect home product.

The application should however be done after proper shampooing and then make sure the hair is not rinsed with shampoo after using the liquid. Water can be used on the hair to remove the residues. Follow this whenever you clean the hair.

coconut milk

Benefit Of Castor Oil

To make the hair straight at home and in one of the simplest possible manner, keep some good quality castor oil handy. This can be used at least 1-2 times in a week to get visible outcomes.

Castor oil should be applied on the hair after a bath and make sure it is done generously. Use a dryer to blow dry the hair strands. It will give you desired results for sure.

castor oil

Honey, Strawberry And Milk Combo

A cup of milk, a few drops of raw and good quality honey and a few mashed strawberries can be combined and blended well to be applied on the hair for straight results.

Now take a towel and wrap the hair well for about 2 hours. This should be washed afterwards with a shampoo. Follow it with a hair brushing with a wide tooth comb. This idea of a home remedy is not only effective but should be used once every week for perfect results.


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Almond Oil And Conditioner Combo

Take some pure almond oil and mix it with the conditioner that you normally use after a shampoo. This should be left on the hair for about two hours and then washed normally with the regular shampoo.

Dry the hair with a blow dryer to see straight hair without much effort and without any side effects. It can be done once in 30 days for the outcomes.

almond oil

Use Soy Bean Oil

Mix some soy bean oil with castor oil and apply on the hair strands for making it straight as well as to deeply nourish it. This should be left for the next 30 minutes and then washed off with a shampoo to get through the goals. Apart from this, olive oil mixed with some rosemary leaves is another of the oil treatments that can be used for straight hair.

soy bean oil