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5 Tips For Stronger And Longer Erection

[toc]To put it simply, an erection is a physiological problem and it occurs when different factors associated with it work in a momentum. It is a result of sexual attraction and other related aspects. For all those who didn’t know this fact, it is indeed quite amazing to know that an erection happens when the brain triggers it to happen. This means, that the signals reach into the brain and thus it causes the erection to happen.

5 Tips For Stronger And Longer Erection

As you know, an erection is very important and most certainly you will come across cases where some men have an erection problem. Either you or someone you know faces this problem, it is wise to get it looked into at the earliest. It is a common problem but letting it be may not be the best decision after all. It could be frustrating for people who try harder by the day but don’t find any good results. There are different means and ways to cater to it, thus, one must make the most of it. The current measures most definitely will help an individual to get a stronger and longer erection.

Tips For Stronger And Longer Erection

A Healthy Diet

A healthy tip for stronger and longer erection is to indulge in a healthy diet. You must ensure that your diet consists of enough carbohydrates. It has been stated by the experts that a good amount of carbohydrate intake will help in enhancing the functionality of most parts of the body and truly erection is one of them. It has also been stated that carbohydrates help in allowing an individual to have sex multiple times without any problems. For all those who wish to use the natural way to help cope with erection problems, doctors most certainly will recommend a carbohydrate diet.

Healthy Diet

Indulge In Exercise

As we all know, exercise is good for the entire body. Thus, when it comes to erection issues, you can indulge in exercise and quite certainly it will improve your sexual life. While you opt for the right set of exercises, it tends to help a man work on his sexual drive, potency; improved testosterone levels and most importantly reduce stress. As you know, stress is one primary reason for lack of erection. So, for better erection, one good round of physical activity on a daily basis will lead to a stronger and longer erection.


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Proper Positioning

Often poor erection is not necessarily caused due to any problems within the body but simply because of poor positioning. Some people like to experiment with new positions but it would be right and appropriate if they started off with the basic position, which involves the male partner being on the top. Certainly risky sexual position could ruin the erection. Thus, try basic positions, which are proper positions and it might just lead to stronger as well as longer erection.

Proper Position

Quit On Smoking And Alcohol

The immense amount of research done in this area has only proved that smoking and drinking leads to poor sexual performance. Not many people understand this basic fact and in turn get frustrated with poor erection. Just when you think you need to bring in major changes for better erection, try making the basic changes like cutting down or quitting smoking and drinking, and the change is right in front of you. Scientifically it has been proven that smoking cuts down on your proper blood flow and for better erection you need that. So, based on this proven fact, make necessary changes to your lifestyle.

Avoid drinking and smoking


For all those who find it difficult to hold a longer erection, they can experience expected results if they give the right amount of time for foreplay. Experts in this field have paid a great deal of importance on foreplay as one of the key means that leads to stronger and longer erection. When you spend a decent amount of time on foreplay, it is more like a warm up session that only helps make the main session, i.e. the intercourse better, stronger and longer.