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5 Best Vitamins For Joint Pain

Best Vitamins For Joint Pain

[toc]Joint pains can make it very difficult to move and perform simple routine activities. A significant reduction in cartilages in the joints results in less cushioning and causes pain when you try to make any movement. This debilitating condition can worsen with time as you age and the pain can get quite unbearable. Many people suffer from joint pain and take medications to get relief from the condition. A better way to manage this condition is to take proper vitamin supplements. 

These help to improve our health and the condition of the joints as well. Taking vitamins regularly will help to reduce the pain and prevent worsening of the condition. While it is important to have a balanced diet and exercise regularly, vitamin supplements also play a major role in the management of joint pain. Given here are five best vitamin supplements which will be useful if you are suffering from this condition. These are easily affordable and you can get them from any medical store.

5 Best Vitamins For Joint Pain

Vitamin A

Vitamin A For Joint Pain

Vitamin A has strong anti-inflammatory properties which are very beneficial for an individual suffering from joint pain. The cartilages present in the joints get inflamed which causes immense pain and may even result in swelling.

Vitamin A prevents free radical damage in the body, thus helping provide relief from the condition. It is present in abundance in food sources such as dairy products, yellow vegetables, egg yolks and carrots. You can take supplements as well to get relief from the joint pain.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B For Joint Pain

Vitamin B helps in the maintenance of joints and aids their proper functioning. B3, B5 and B6 are some of the B vitamins that are helpful in maintaining joint health and provide relief from joint pain.

These are available in the capsule form as supplements. You can get B vitamins from food sources such as fish, chicken, oatmeal, asparagus, eggs, avocados as well as many other foods. People suffering from arthritis particularly benefit from this vitamin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Joint Pain

This essential vitamin helps to maintain the health of our body tissues and joints as well. It is a powerful antioxidant that protects connective tissues and joints in our body from damage.

It is the most essential vitamin in the treatment of joint pain. People who are suffering from arthritis will especially benefit from the use of this vitamin as it helps prevent further damage to the joints. The best food sources of vitamin C are citrus fruits.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D For Joint Pain

Vitamin D is essential for bone health and helps to strengthen the joints in the body. It also helps prevent autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Vitamin D can be best obtained by daily exposure of at least fifteen minutes to sunlight.

Food sources such as salmon and eggs can also provide vitamin D. Daily supplements can be taken by those who live in areas with less sunlight. It will help to provide relief from joint pain.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E For Joint Pain

Vitamin E is extremely useful for people suffering from joint pains as it is a natural and powerful anti-inflammatory that helps to reduce inflammation and provides relief from joint pain.

It is very beneficial in the treatment of conditions like arthritis and other diseases of the joints. You can get it naturally from food sources such as walnuts, almonds, avocados and spinach. Daily supplements can be taken to get relief from pain in the joints.

5 Best Vitamins For Joint Pain

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