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6 Solutions For Sagging Breasts

[toc]Sagging breasts is not something that one wants. But it simply happens because of a lot of factors like age, changes in hormones, due to lack of exercises and a variety of other reasons. Simply putting it, sagging breasts are like loose muscle mass and skin that tend to weigh you down and lead to problems like backache.

Sagging breasts

However, one should remember that there are a variety of solutions available for the same. Breasts sagging can be treated through various methods. These depends on the causes of the sagging along with your age, weight, and other similar factors. Here are some simple solutions to get rid of this problem for good-

Sagging Breasts Solutions

Breast Firming Surgery

Breast uplift, breast firming or augmentation or even lifts, the names are different, but the solution is the same. In these procedures of cosmetic surgery, the breasts are uplifted using silicon or even other mineral based gels. The procedure is relatively safe, though it may be costly.

The cosmetic surgeon discusses the amount of uplift you want, based on your natural body structure. This is a permanent solution though you can take out the implants whenever you want. This is usually suggested for the older women or those who have very large breasts.

Breast Firming Surgery

Wear The Right Lingerie

Most women, especially those who are in the middle ages, do not need cosmetic solutions. What they need is the right lingerie. These days you can easily get bras that provide an uplift to the breast with the right support. This is very true for the women who have larger cups, which causes them to sag. In fact, you can wear them at night too for better upliftment, naturally.

Wear The Right Lingerie

Exercises And Posture

There are a variety of exercises available that help you to uplift the breast. These include yoga postures like bhujangasana, sarpasana and even the plank position. Then there are weight training exercises using the natural weight of the body or even dumbbells that help in firming up the muscles of the body. This will also help you improve posture. Stand with the back straight and stomach in, which instantly makes the breast muscles firm up too.


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Lose Weight

Some women tend to have larger breasts post having a baby or even because of being overweight. In this reference, you need to follow a sensible weight loss regime with a healthy and balanced diet. Doing so helps you lose weight from the entire body along with the breasts too. Followed up with right toning exercises this helps one to firm up breasts, by reducing the size.

Weight Loss


There are expert masseuses who know the right techniques of breast massage to help them firm up better. These experts use essential oils that help in firming up the skin and tissues around the area. The movements used by them aids in firming up the muscles faster and one is able to get firmer and stronger breasts.


Creams And Lotions

There are a variety of firming creams and lotions available in the market, which can help you in enhancing the muscles and tissues around the area and firm up the breasts. For this, just make sure that you are not using these creams or lotions when feeding or during pregnancy.

creams and lotions

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