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5 Chest Exercises For Sagging Breasts

Chest Exercises For Sagging Breasts

[toc]Every woman wishes to have a good body posture. Unfortunately, many of them have problems like saggy breast, which affects their posture. Saggy breast usually occurs after pregnancy, breast-feeding, weight loss and due to ageing process. However, several other factors also lead to this problem.

There are simple and easy remedies available to lift saggy breasts among which exercise is found to be very effective when done on a regular basis. Discussed below are a few chest exercises to treat this problem.

5 Chest Exercises For Sagging Breasts

Chest Fly

Chest Fly For Sagging Breasts

Lie down flat on your back and keep your fleet flat. Hold weights of 2 or 3 pounds in each hand or even a pair of dumbles is good enough. If weight or dumbles are not available, fully filled water bottles can be used. Stretch your arms from your sides, so that the elbows dip below the shoulders. Lift the weights up until the arms are stretched above your chest. It must be one or two inches apart from each other above the body. Repeat this for at least 15 times to lift sagging breast.

Press Up

Press Up For Sagging Breasts

It is the simplest exercise that can be done at home for lifting sagging breasts. Beginner:  Stand straight facing the wall. Keep the legs apart, but in line with the hips. The feet should be kept a few inches away from wall and keep your hands forward in alignment with the shoulders. Lean your body forward and push back upright keeping the elbows slightly bent. Do this for 15 times. For intermediates: Keep the knees and hands on the ground. Hands aligned with the shoulders and slightly forward.

Lower the body unless the nose nearly touches the floor and push back with the elbows bent to some extent. Do this 15 times. In advanced levels, extend the distance between knees and hands and do push backs. Place the knees away from the trunk of the body, so that more body weight is shifted and distributed. The only support to the lower body should be the toes. Push back slowly until you have the stamina to do it. You can do a gradual transition to each level.

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Chest Press

Chest Press For Sagging Breasts

This exercise is similar to chest fly. Lie straight on the ground or use a Swiss exercise ball. Keep the feet flat on top of the ground and hold weight or dumbles or water bottles in each of your hand. Gradually bend the arm until the elbows are bent at 90 degrees. Lift the arms up, so that they are fully extended. Make sure the arms are kept apart while raised at the top. Repeat this 15 times a day. Alternate chest fly exercise and chest press exercise to have a variation in the routine.

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Cobra Pose

Lie on your stomach and keep your legs straight. The feet should be placed together with soles facing upwards. The forehead should touch the ground. Keep the arms on the sides of the shoulders. The elbows should be tucked close to the trunk. Breathe in gradually.

Cobra Pose For Sagging Breasts


Slowly raise the head and the trunk of the body keeping your navel on the floor and elbows slightly bent to balance the body. Hold this position for 30 second to 1 minute and breathe normally. Breathe out slowly as you return to the original position. Repeat this at least 15 times to lift sagging breast.

Shoulder Stand

Shoulder Stand For Sagging Breasts

Lie down straight on your back keeping the toes pointed upwards and arms stretched fully above the head. Slowly lift the legs upwards towards the roof. The legs should be straight. Bring the legs over the head and towards the floor. Extend the legs, so that the toes should touch the floor. Push your back, lift it slightly, and straighten the spine. Keep your arms on the hips or lower back.

The elbows should be kept at shoulder width apart. Bring the legs upwards straight and push the back using your hands. The body weight should rest on the shoulders. Make sure your back is bent and chest is kept straight. Hold this position until you are comfortable. This is a good exercise to lift sagging breast.

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