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How To Firm Up Sagging Breasts


How To Firm Up Sagging Breasts

Sagging breast mainly occurs due to ageing process, pregnancy, weight loss and breast-feeding. The easiest way to overcome sagging breast is to undergo an implant or breast lift surgery. However, it is expensive and needs a lot of time to recover.

Sometimes, it might look unnatural too. There are several other natural ways to make the breast firm like diet, massage, exercise, etc. Discussed below are few of the safest and effective methods to firm-up your breasts and achieve a great look.

5 Methods To Firm Up Sagging Breasts

1. Resistance Exercise

Doing regular exercise to firm up breast can really be effective. Stand straight and place both the hands together in a prayer pose. The palm should touch each other. Press the arms tightly against each other, so that the muscles in the breast are triggered. The triggered muscles are those, which you need to work on to firm up your sagging breast. You can use exercise bars, bands, or even your arms to firm up your breast. You just need to apply pressure by pressing the palms against each other and release them, so that the muscles are triggered.

Resistance Exercise

2. Proper Posture

Practicing to have the appropriate posture can lift up sagging breast. While standing, you need to stand straight with belly tucked in and chest pushed outwards. By practicing the correct posture, the breast will appear perkier and firmer than when you slouch. Avoid forward bending and contracting postures.

While doing exercise, avoid running and jogging and also poses with forward bends as they are disadvantageous for sagging breast. Correct your posture, sit and stand straight. A correct posture will enhance your look within a short period. It can even minimize your age from aging breast and make it firmer and uplifted.

Proper Posture

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3. Bhujangasana

Lie down straight on the floor with belly and head resting on the floor. Rest your head on the forearms. Gently raise the forehead up and look upward. Stretch the hands backwards, so that the body weight is on the chest. The head should be raised a little backwards. Move the belly inward. The body weight should be shifted to the belly and the lower back should do the real work.

If you are not able to lift the chest further, then place your hands on the sides of the chest for balancing. Stretch your arms such that they are perpendicular to the floor. The elbows should be slightly bent inwards. Breathe gently while doing this and make sure the shoulders are broad as well as the shoulder blades are placed low. This exercise can firm up your breast.


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4. Fenugreek Massage

Fenugreek has the properties to help the breast muscles grow and become firm. Take half cup of fenugreek powder, add some water to it, and mix them well to make a paste. Massage the breast with this paste for 15 minutes. Then wash it using water. This mask has great effect and improves sagging breast.


5. Egg White And Onion Juice

Take egg white and beat it well into cream. You can apply the cream of egg white on the bottom part of your breast.  Leave this for 30 minutes. Finely chop one onion and crush it to extract the juice. Add one glass of water to this extract and use this as a wash to remove the cream from your skin. This home remedy when followed regularly will make your breasts firm.

Egg White And Onion Juice

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