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5 Common Asperger’s Syndrome Symptoms

[toc]Asperger’s syndrome is characterized by inability to have normal social interactions with others. It is a type of pervasive developmental disorder that generally makes its appearance in childhood. In some people, Asperger’s syndrome may not be properly diagnosed in the childhood, and may only be diagnosed when the symptoms have worsened as they grew into adulthood. Asperger’s syndrome is considered similar to autism, but there happen to be significant differences between the two.

Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger’s syndrome was first described by an Austrian doctor called Hans Asperger in the year 1944, after whom it is named. The exact causes of this disorder are not yet known, but it seems to run in families and could be a genetic disorder. There are many symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome, but the severity of the symptoms may vary from person to person. Different symptoms could be present in a child in varying intensities, and different children may show completely different set of symptoms. Given here are some of the commonly observed symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome.

5 Common Symptoms Of Asperger’s Syndrome

Lesser Social Skills

The most common symptom that is observed in children with Asperger’s syndrome is their inability to have normal social interaction with others. They behave awkwardly in social situations and have difficulty maintaining relationships.

Failure to express emotions and lack of spontaneity in sharing interests, achievements, enjoyment, etc. is demonstrated by those suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. Such children also fail to empathize with others.

Lesser Social Skills

Narrowed Interests

A child affected by Asperger’s syndrome tends to have repetitive movements. For example, the child may twist fingers or wring hands repetitively. He may be preoccupied with limited interests such as a particular sport, maps, train schedules, snakes, or even the weather.

The child may have a persistent and obsessive preoccupation with parts of some object and can spend hours together doing the same activity over and over again, all by himself.

Narrowed Interests

Coordination Problems

Coordination problems are very prominent in children suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. They are most likely to exhibit awkward and clumsy movements. Such children learn to walk later than other children.

They may walk without swinging their arms and have problems in balancing.Poor handwriting and inability to perform simple tasks like tying shoe-laces, throwing and catching ball, etc, are observed in such children.

Coordination Problems

Inability To Make Eye Contact

This is a very commonly observed symptom in a person affected with Asperger’s syndrome. Such people find it difficult to make eye contact during communication. They cannot hold eye contact with a person they are talking to, which could be due to the lack of self confidence. It makes them very uncomfortable to maintain eye contact and affects their social life.

Eye Contact

Unusual Preoccupations And Rituals

Another symptom that is commonly observed in children affected with Asperger’s syndrome is their preoccupation with certain rituals. They may like to dress in a particular way, have specific interests, play a particular game or watch something for hours together.

They also like to follow routines religiously. It distresses them if their routines get affected and it is best if they are allowed to remain that way.