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Top 5 Natural Cures for Autism

Natural Cures For Autism

[toc]Autism can fortunately be cured to a significant level through natural procedures. It is possible to treat the various symptoms of autism with a healthy diet, proper communicative gestures, encouragement and above all, love and care from close family members.

Many occupational and behavioral therapy techniques are followed to cure such patients in a natural way. In fact, studies have proved that such natural therapies have proved to be the most effective treatment for autism. Some of the natural ways of treating autism are discussed below:

5 Natural Ways Of Treating Autism

Balanced Nutrition

Balanced Nutrition For Autism

Make sure your child eats healthy food. Go for organic fruits and vegetables and whole grains. No trans-fat, no pesticides and no chemicals at all. Canned food, processed food and junk food are a strict no.

This is expensive and difficult as these days it is easier to find junk food than fresh and pure vegetables or whole food. Even if you find organic food, chances are that they are not 100% pure. Organic fish, eggs, chicken, green vegetables, whole grains, herbs should constitute your child’s diet.

Heal Your Child’s Gut

Gluten Free Diet For Autism

Check what your child is allergic to especially food items and remove them from his/her diet. Gluten is a known culprit though there are many others. Overgrowth of yeasts should be stopped by the usage of anti-fungal supplements. Unhealthy gut is responsible for leaky gut, eczema, candida etc. Add probiotics to the diet so that there are sufficient digestive enzymes and different types of healthy bacteria present to help in proper digestion.


Drink Water For Autism

Building up toxic wastes in our body is always a reason of falling sick. Consult your doctor and give your child a heavy metal detox supplement. Make your child drink minimum 8-10 glasses of unfluoridated and clean water and use flax seeds to keep the bowel movement proper.

Massaging helps in keeping the nervous system calm. For sweating you can also go for a sauna, detox bath or steam along with exercises. Sweating three times a day profusely is important.

Animal Assisted Therapy

Animal Assisted Therapy For Autism

Autistic children are made to interact with animals under supervision. This therapy is known to have shown positive results. The children develop some kinds of bonding with these animals which thereafter help them in bonding with humans as well.

Their social behavior, playing pattern with peers, focus, awareness, language, social interaction, development of emotions and motivation, all have shown significant improvement. Though this can be a bit expensive, this therapy is sensible and very useful and has proved itself in many cases.

Music/Art Therapy

Music Therapy For Autism

A lot of investigations have confirmed music to have a positive effect on the brains of the autistic children. Autistic kids enjoy being part of activities that are music based. Music based interactions are also beneficial to them. MRI scans have revealed that autistic brains can process music and help develop their emotions.

This improves their social behavior and keeps them happy. Their communication skills are also known to have improved. Their playing patterns with others also show improvement and the child’s mental development also shows improvement. These along with love, care and understanding definitely help in improving your child’s condition. His/her mental and neural development also starts enhancing and with time autism gets completely cured.

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