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How To Cure Autism

Ways To Cure Autism

[toc]Bringing up and caring for an autistic child can be a very frustrating, demanding, and a challenging job. This is because normal human beings do not know about autism deeply. Autism is known to be present at birth of a child but it remains undercover till the child reaches the age of two. This is the age where socialization and verbalization of a child starts getting developed.

But these days’ autistic children are taught to be able to manage their surroundings independently. With the help of a lot of therapies, and natural cures these little children can become functioning adults. Below are some natural cures and therapies to help your child face this world a little easily.

8 Ways To Cure Autism


Melatonin For Autism

People suffering from this disorder also have a disordered circadian rhythm. They have low melatonin level in blood. The abnormality of urinary metabolite level has also been linked to the impaired communication and behavioural skills. Health experts suggest that low melatonin levels can be a risk for the autistic spectrum disorder. The health experts suggest giving melatonin supplements to the patients for correct modulation of the circadian rhythm and improving sleep abnormality. These supplements have minimum side-effects.

Important Nutrients

Vitamin E For Autism

Vitamins are a necessity for an autistic patient. There have a been studies that reveal vitamins A, B and C are important for the proper functioning of the brain and central nervous system of the body. The deficiency of vitamin B6 has been linked to the disorder of autism. Coenzyme Q is very helpful in proper functioning of the brain for the autistic children.

Vitamin E can also be administered to the patient as it helps in improving the circulation and functioning of the brain. Magnesium is another supplement that can be helpful. Choline is a supplement that should only be taken under the care of a certified practitioner only. Before you give a patient any sort of supplement make sure you consult the doctor in the first place.

Herbal Remedies

Ginkgo Biloba For Autism

There are a lot of health experts that vouch for ginkgo biloba to the patients that suffer from autism. This herb can easily be administered to the children too. This herb improves the flow of blood towards the brain. It is a belief of many doctors that improving the blood oxygen supply in the brain will help in curing and limiting the disease.

One can also help the autistic patients to practice the breathing exercises daily. You can make a mixture of passionflower and St. John’s wart in equal quantities and give that as a medicine. These ingredients are also found in herbal supplements these days. The ingredients like lemon balm, lavender and passion flower will help in maintaining a healthy state mind and emotions, soothing the nerves etc.

If you want to improve the focus of the autistic patient then you can administer German chamomile, skullcap, goto cola, maidenhair tree and wild oats. There are a number of medications in homeopathy too. If you are inclined towards natural cures and relief then do try homeopathy.

Floor Time

The biggest problems that normal human beings face in teaching autistic adults and kids are frustration. As a teacher you are bound to expect a lot from your student and you easily get frustrated when these patients cannot reach their goals on time. As a teacher you are trying too hard on these little minds. This will give a major setback to the autistic patient.

You have to understand that an autistic child will learn things on his own pace. Floor time is a therapy where the adults understand the child and begin to relate to him/her. Then the adult focuses on the strengths of the autistic child and uses it as a building block of teaching. According to this therapy, there are six steps that a child has to take to grow up emotionally and rationally. These are interest towards the worldly activities and self regulation, two-way communication, difficult communication, emotional thinking and touching ideas.


Communication Therapy For Autism

A lot of autistic kids and adults will never really be able to learn the art of communication with mouth. But, they still have desires and requirements and that must have a way to get communicated to normal people. PECS is therefore a communication therapy for the kids that do not speak. This therapy gets the child to communicate pictorially. Your autistic child or the adult will be given picture cards.

Then the patient can hold up whatever card he so likes to express the current desire. But in this therapy, the therapist or parent will have to teach the child what every card means, or let the child associate a new meaning to the card. The meaning can be anything but the therapy will be consistent only when the child communicates with you using a card. This therapy can be done at home but it will be very difficult. Therefore, it should be done at a professional environment with the help of a therapist.

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA)

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids For Autism

PUFA plays a major role in the proper functioning of the human body and nervous system. These fatty acids also play an important part in the mind-body interface. Deficiency of these fatty acids has been seen as the cause in majority of behavioural and developmental disorders in human beings. These disorders include attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, autism, and depression etc. deficiency of PUFA results in mental dysfunction and poor writing and reading skills.


Yoga For Autism

Yoga can be a good activity for people suffering with autism. If the patients attend a 5 weekly session coupled with daily practice session at home with the therapist. It will help in improving the behaviour, communication skills, and imitating abilities.


Massage For Autism

There have been a lot of studies, reviews and analysis in clinical psychiatry related to the beneficial effects of massage on autism. A massage performed on an autistic person will benefit his sensory profile, social skills, attitude of communication, and adaption to the environment. Now, all the studies have their own limitations and you must consult your doctor before starting any massage on the patient.

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