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5 Easy Natural Cures For Measles

Natural Cures For Measles

[toc]Measles is an infectious viral disease which is also called as Rubella in some places. The basic symptoms of measles are skin rashes, cough, and fever, running nose, watery eyes and generalized weakness. The major symptom of measles is depicted by a reddish brown rash on the skin which could be itchy in nature. The MMR vaccine is administered during infancy but in some cases if the booster dose is not administered around the age of 5 years, the person might contract the disease.

If the booster dose is not given and you are exposed to the virus, you can still take the vaccination within 72 hours of exposure and should eliminate your risks of contracting the disease. The incubation of the disease is usually 3 to 7 days and allopathic medications are provided for the cure of this disease. You can help up to a certain extent with natural cures as well and here are some of them to help you out:

5 Natural Cures For Measles


Humidifier For Measles

To treat the cough that happens along with measles, you would have to install a humidifier in your room. The cough aggravates in a dry atmosphere and that could worsen your condition. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can place a large bowl of water in one corner and that will keep the air in your room moist.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C For Measles

Nothing drives away a disease better than the body’s immune response. You could build your body’s immunity by feeding yourself with vitamin C rich foods. Drink lots of citrus fruit juices like orange juice or you can also have room temperature lemon soda. Prepare some lemon tea with some honey in it. Honey and lemon together build up immunity and soothe the body as well.

Eye Care

Eye Care For Measles

In most measles cases, conjunctivitis is a common occurrence. Keeping the eyes warm and clean is of utmost importance if you contract conjunctivitis. Dip some cotton in warm and clean water and place it over your eyes for a few minutes.

Repeat this procedure every few hours. The warm water will help relax your eyes and keep away any more disease causing agents from your eyes. You could also use some naturally available eye drops to keep the eye infection at bay.

Hydrate Your Body

Drink Water

It is important to keep your fluid levels up. Due to the fever, sweating will be excessive and you do not want to be dehydrated when you are ill. Kids will be reluctant to eat or drink but you need to feed them on regular basis.

Instead of plain water, you can make your child have some fresh fruit juices which are good in taste. You can also have warm soups which will increase the water content in the body.

Keep The Fever Down

Keep The Fever Down For Measles

If you are successful in bringing or keeping the fever down, the recovery will be quicker. Use wet sheets or towels to place over the head or on the arms and legs to control the temperature. You can use anti-pyretic medications to keep the temperature down as well.

5 Easy Natural Cures For Measles

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