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Top 5 Natural Cures For Excessive Sweating

[toc]Excessive SweatingSweating is the general functioning of excreting unwanted waste from the body. But, when it become excessive, it may cause stress on you, with the bad odor and clumsy look caused due to it. Especially in summer, the sweating may be excessive, and in some, it may even wet the dress that you are wearing.

This may restrict you from doing all kind of day to day activities, and may even keep you away from your friends. Though it does not reflect any health impact, it should be treated in the right way, as it may cause mental stress. It may also cause rashes and other problems on the skin too.

Natural Cures For Excessive Sweating

Black Tea To Free From Sweat

Black tea contains tannic acid, which is found to be the best treatment against excessive sweating. You can make some black tea, without addition of milk, and make use of it in applying on parts of the body of excessive sweating.

In general, the foot and underarm are the worst affected area due to sweating. You can soak your feet and apply the black tea on the underarms as well.

Neem Leaves Against Itching And Rashes

NeemExcessive sweating may cause itchiness and rashes too. This can be cured in a natural way by using the paste of neem leaves. Finely grind the neem leaves into a paste and apply it regularly daily in the morning and night after bath.

After leaving it as such for a while, you can wash it off with some mild some. This will give some best results.

Bathing And Cleaning Regularly

BathingApart from all the cures, a regular bath and hygienic practices will help you fight excessive sweating. Do not forget to bathe at least twice a day. In summer, you can prefer head bath daily, to prevent sweating and stickiness on the head and hair.

Also, you can apply some light talcum powder after bath, which may absorb excessive sweating.

Lemon For Fragrance

LemonApart from the care that you provide externally, you should also provide some internal care. Excessive sweating means that loss of water and toxins from body. So, take in some extra water to keep yourself hydrated, this will help you wash away all toxicity from body, as well as keep you hydrated.

You can also squeeze some lime juice and apply it on underarms and feet. This will help in preventing excessive sweating, as well as fight against bad odor.

Tomato Juice To Cool Body

Taking a glass of cool tomato juice is also recommended to fight against excessive sweating. This should be followed regularly for at least a week, to see some visible changes. This will also help in keeping your body cool. By doing some simple day to day activities, in a perfect way you can keep yourself away from sweating.

Wearing proper cotton clothes in summer, is also important, as it will keep your body aerated, and remove the excess sweat. These simple natural cures can bring about some significant effects.

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