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5 Easy Natural Cures For Neuritis

Natural Cures For Neuritis

[toc]An inflammation in the nerves is known as Neuritis. It can happen in a single or a series of nerves together in different parts of the body. This is also known as polyneuritis. The main symptoms of neuritis can be burning sensation or a tingling feeling in the affected nerves. In case the condition has become severe there can be a feeling of numbness, loss of sensation and in many cases even lead to paralysis. 

The causes of this disease can be wrong eating habits, overwork or overstress, disturbance in the metabolism and nutritional deficiencies. There can be other causes of this like injuries or bad bruises, dislocation or fractures of bones, heavy pressure on the nerve trunk, diabetes, poisoning with insecticides, alcohol, mercury, arsenic and lead or other poisonous substances. However, it can be effectively controlled and cured using the following natural cures:

5 Natural Cures For Neuritis

Soya Bean Milk

Soya Bean Milk Reduce Neuritis

Soya bean is a good cure for many diseases of the nerves. The best way to cure neuritis is by mixing a cup of soya milk with one teaspoon of honey. This mixture can be taken every night before sleeping. The mixture will be a concentration of lecithin, glutamic acid and vitamin B. This mixture soothes the nerves and tones up the nervous system. The milk is available in market and an easy source for cure.

Carrot And Spinach

Carrot And Spinach Reduce Neuritis

The deficiency of certain minerals and elements may also become a cause for this disease to happen. The carrot and spinach juice together contributes as a solution rich in all such elements and is an effective source to cure this disease. For better results a person suffering needs to drink 500 to 600 ml of the two vegetables mixture on a daily basis. The effect of the same is visible in first few days itself.

Barley Brew

Barley Brew Reduce Neuritis

One of the most effective remedies for neuritis is barley brew. Barley an easily available ingredient in the market becomes the best source of cure as it is rich in minerals that fill the gaps that are caused by the toxins in the body. To prepare the solution boil a quarter cup of barley in half a cup of water. Mix it with half cup of butter milk and few drops of lime and take daily once.

Vitamin Rich Food

Yoghurt Reduce Neuritis

The intake of vitamin rich food becomes the most fruitful source to cure neuritis. A combination of vitamin B12, B1, B6 and B2 is proven to be very effective in curing the inflammations in the internal body parts. It also helps in reduction of pain, numbness and weakness. The vitamin rich foods can be whole grain bread, sprouted seeds, milk, yoghurt, homemade cottage cheese, etc. You should avoid food like white bread, refined cereals, meat, etc.

Orange Fruit Flowers

Orange Fruit Flowers Reduce Neuritis

Rich in vitamins especially in vitamin C, orange fruit flowers prove to be the most wanted cures for curing neuritis. Its effects are best felt when you consume 10 to 20 grams of the petals, raw with a small teaspoon of honey as it tones the nerves and acts as a rejuvenating factor for the entire system. 10 ml of juice extracted from the petals of bitter orange or sweet orange can also act as a measure.