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Effective Herbal Remedies For White Hair

[toc]White HairHair is one of the most important assets a woman can have. Long, dark hair is what every one craves for. Black hair is mostly a sign of inner health and natural beauty. One of the most prominent causes of aging. As age of a person increases, the melanocytes that cause pigmentation gradually reduce thus eventually causing whitening of hair. Sometimes premature graying also occurs which can be due to various factors.

Smoking, bad lifestyle, unhealthy diet and stress can contribute early greying of hair. It only indicates a unhealthy body and mind. Healthy hair is an index of overall body health because only when the immune system is strong, the hair roots are extremely heathy which in turn prevents breaking and falling of hair. There are various herbal remedies to restore natural black color of the hair and thus prevent greying.

Herbal Remedies For White Hair


SageSage is a great herb that is an excellent remedy for gray hair. Sage can be used to make a strong herbal infusion that can be applied and also used as a rinse. It has great properties that help promote darkening of hair. Simmer leaves of rosemary along with sage in water. Use this as a dye to restore the natural color of the hair. However this acts as a temporary dye and should be repeated regularly for the color to last permanently.


Lingustrum lucidum is a Chinese traditional herbal medicine used to prevent gray hair. It not only darkens the hair naturally but also prevents hair loss. The part of the plant that are used for the treatment are berries. It is a liver tonic used in various medicine which is research backed enough to prove that this herb is worth a try.


NettleNettle, generically called as urtica dioica is a miraculous herb that assists in darkening and also strengthening the hair. It not only darkens by repigmenting the hair but also reduces hair fall. A herbal infusion of the nettle leaves is prepared, and this warm tea or concoction is obtained by boiling the leaves in water.

The infusion is massaged on to the scalp regularly. Nettle contains sulphur, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, B and K. These minerals and vitamins, especially zinc are extremely essential to maintain healthy hair naturally. Nettle tea can also be mixed with red clover and sage for better benefits.


AshwagandhaAshwagandha is called the Indian ginseng that is used to prevent gray hair. Known as withania somnifera generically, it increases the melanin content and thus prevents premature graying of the hair. Eugenic is one of the principal and important components of ashwagandha. It is one of the best and amazing herbs that has the ability to reverse graying of hair.

A female hormone called estrogen is stimulated by this herb that helps in re pigmentation. Since ancient times the leaves of ashwagandha are dried and powdered. The powder is applied gently on to the hair and left to stay on for sometime. The hair is rinsed off with a good natural shampoo. This treatment if done regularly helps a great deal in maintaining natural colour of the hair..

He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu is a Chinese herb that improves immunity and builds up the blood. This herb prevents and restores hair by strengthening the roots. It is used as a natural hair color or to prevent premature graying of hair effectively.

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